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How to Apply Lipstick on Dry Lips

As someone who has always chapped lips, wearing lipstick always seemed intimidating to me as well. There’s not much that are more unpleasant (and more anti-ASMR) than applying lipstick on dry lips. And unless you’re blessed with super membranes, flaking is likely to be a constant issue. Don’t start talking about matte lipsticks, which could also be dry lips purgatory.

However, I do feel uncomfortable leaving the house without a lip particularly when I’m wearing a full face tan, so I’m determined to wear lipstick in some way. Short story It’s doable to wear lipstick with dry lips, however it requires a bit of more effort. The key is to take extra time to prepare your lips to exfoliate and hydrate and then apply moisturizing formulas to prevent your lips from becoming dry all day long.

If you’re wondering how to soften your lips at last without a hassle you’ve come to the right spot. We love to adorn our lips with glosses, lipsticks or tints. Whatever you choose to employ at the end all day long, the lips may appear chapped, cracked or dry. Avoid pulling your lips and search for alternatives to moisturizing your lips. Your lips will appear gorgeous even without cosmetics. Make sure you choose the right lip balms and make sure you’re consistent with your lip-care routine.

Learn from the following list of our helpful tips on ways to ensure your lips stay smooth and free of chaps even after wearing your favorite lipstick all day. The tips below will ensure you that there are no adverse negative effects! Scroll down.


You can slap your lips that are chapped with these tricks!

Do you want to show your love for lipstick, but chapped lips continue to get into the way? Perhaps we’ll be able to help you! A common beauty dilemma for many people, applying lipstick and getting the desired look can appear to be an overwhelming job when the ghosts of cracked, flaky lips constantly keep you awake. If you’ve been searching for tips that will allow you rid yourself of dry lips, before putting on your favourite lippie, take a breath of relief. If you’re always chapped lips and can’t go into the world without wearing lipstick keep reading as we present the best ways to apply lipstick to lips that are chapped.

1. Apply an overnight lip Mask

You’ve heard the story. More emollient = more nutrition. If you’re familiar with sheet masking or coating the face in a layer facial masks that are applied overnight It’s time to apply the same technique with your lips. The use of a concentrated treatment for your lips, such as one of these masks can nourish and soften your lips, and eliminate the chapped flaky look. Simply apply a few drops before you go to mattress and wake up with shiny, smooth lips in the morning.

As you would prepare for an important event by applying a face makeup (or the skin-slugging) the evening before applying a lip treatment that stays on your lips overnight could make a huge impression on your face in the morning. It is more powerful than the typical lip balm the overnight lip treatment is more thick, allowing for more emollient components to be absorbed. Since the skin repair itself over time, providing it with a moisturizing formulation before going to bed is the ideal time to strengthen your skin barrier and keep in moisture.


2. Shake the Flakes

Girls, the secret to removing flakes is exfoliation. If you’re tired of dealing with dry flakes squirting through your lipstick or , worse it’s your lipstick peeling away Try this. Smooth off rough texture, dryness and dead skin from your lips using the Lakme Scrub. It is perfect for cleansing the lips of dryness and texture, you can use this lip scrub to provide needed TLC for your lips. It is infused with the goodness of sugar that is ultra-fine as well as shea butter softly micro exfoliates, soothes and restores chapped lips.

If you’re determined to avoid flake-y lips It’s time to invest the exfoliator. They’re the most effective option to smooth rough texture and ward off the temptation to kiss your lips every interval of a minute. Contrary to most lip balms that only serve to soften and moisturize lips The use of a lip scrub will remove dead skin and smooth rough texture.

Remember that dermatologists caution against using – or over-using these formulations as the skin of the lips is among the thinnest parts of the body.

3. Stay calm and trust the Lip Balm

You might think that your lip balm did not last the test of time, but the truth is that it was your perseverance. Before you apply your lipstick, make sure to allow your lips to take in the goodness of the balm for at minimum 15 minutes. Don’t be afraid to do this, particularly when it’s one of our Tipsy Lips Moisturizing balm, one of the most popular. Available in 7 delicious flavors which make lips dry and loose their grip. This lip balm is packed with Vitamin E and jojoba as well as shea butter, and SPF that makes your lips soft and plump. And , we won’t blame you, but try not to lick your lips.

Imagine lip balm as a primer for your lipstick. It’ll give your lips the perfect base for applying lipstick. So, why do you need to wait an additional few minutes? The same idea applies to waiting for 10 seconds following the application of the glue on the lashes for the glue to dry. Applying lipstick after the application of lip balm doesn’t allow the formula time to set. And can result in the lipstick being applied unevenly. This can also reduce the life of your lipstick because the waxes hinder the color from properly setting.

4. Prime To Shine

Do you want your lipstick to withstand the cracks, driedness, the sip, and the kisses? Make sure you apply lip primer regularly. Like you wouldn’t be able to wear foundation without primer and. We suggest the application of a lip gloss for the best results. Make sure you use Lakme’s Lip Primer to get a flawless lip that lasts throughout the day. Simply apply a few drops before you apply your favorite lippie to seal in moisture. Smooth the crevices and cracks while keeping smudges out the way.

5. It’s always a matter of Alternatives

Steer away from disappointments with the correct selection of formulas. If there’s something that causes the lip that are chapped, it’s the incorrect lipstick. Are you confused about which lipsticks to choose? Let us guide you! For those who love matte lipsticks We suggest Matte Attack Transfer Proof Lipstick which never fails. Made with nourishing Jojoba oils This lipstick pulls up, making it a fantastic option.

6. Take Your Lipstick Off Frequently

If you’re feeling the pain that chapped lip bring, you should do yourself favor and scrub them dry. The remnants of lip stain may get into the cracks in your lip which can lead to further buildup. It can cause more cracks that can cause dry and more flaky lip. Make sure to avoid this by using the Lip Service Tint Remover which removes all color with only one swipe. It is enriched with the shea butter and castor oils, and cocoa seed butter the lipstick remover melts away. The most difficult-to-remove lip colours while providing the nourishing effect to your pout.

7. Apply a moisturizing lipstick.

Yes, they are there! However, not all lipsticks are created exactly the same. So in order to make the searching a little simpler, I tested and narrowed my selection of lipsticks. So that I could select the most hydrating formulations. They’re not only super soft and glide on effortlessly but your lip will become more hydrated as time gets longer.

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