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How to Check a Second hand Car for Sale in Dubai?

Buying a car can be a huge step as it involves a substantial amount of capital. Keeping in mind that it takes a lot of time and hard work to gather that capital, you can be sure that no one wants it to go down the drain. Suffice it to say, even though everyone wants a fancy car, none will ever pay more than the price they should have to.

To that effect, there are several ways to go about ensuring that the car buying process is favorable to you. It’s no secret that there are millions of used cars for sale in Dubai. And it’s viable to assume that every dealer is looking to make a significant profit. So, does that mean that you can’t trust any car dealer in Dubai? Should you stop looking for cars altogether because the market isn’t friendly? Of course not.

Let’s dive into the most important tips you’ll need to buy a secondhand car in Dubai:

Narrow Down Make and Model of Car

The first thing that every enthusiast needs to figure out before buying a car is the make and model that they want. Given the plethora of choices that the emirate has for car buyers, you’d want to spend a lot of your time researching various options. Some of the things you should consider while narrowing down options include the resale value, maintenance costs, availability of spare parts, carrying capacity, and the relevant tax that you’ll accrue, etc.

From luxury sports cars to minimalistic sedans and hatchbacks, the variety is endless in the emirate. You’ll have different stock ranging from Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Audi, Toyota, Honda, etc. More than the looks of the car, the driving experience as well as the factors mentioned above will play a crucial role in determining what works best for you.

Find a Reliable Car Dealer

As we discussed above, it’s obvious that every seller is looking to make a profit. While it’s impossible to get someone to give you a car for its original value, you can still convince them to take the least amount of profit possible. However, way more important than that is the factor of credibility and reliability when it comes to the car dealer. You can’t work with a shady business or individual who doesn’t follow legal procedures. 

Similarly, someone who offers no check warranty or has the tendency to argue with people bringing in mechanical problems in their cars should be on your not-to-deal-with list.

Check with RTA 

The Roads and Transportation Authority will be your best friend as you try to filter out cars that aren’t worthy of being bought. The RTA is a recognized institution that ensures every vehicle on the road deserves to be on the road. Their tests are a sure way to assess and evaluate a car’s situation.

Since this is mandatory for every car that is going to be on the roads, it’s wise to have them verify a car before you think of paying for it. A passing guarantee by the RTA is given to the cars that clear all avenues of their evaluation.

Performance and Driving Experience

How a car feels when you’re driving it can make or break the deal. When it comes to taking a car out for a test drive, you shouldn’t consider short-term experiences as final. There are many renowned makes and models that, although equipped with state-of-the-art tech and gimmicks, don’t deliver quality on long routes. Uncomfortable seats, shifting problems, noise issues, road traction, condition of the tires and their alignment, etc. are serious issues that can be long-term nuisances.

The Appearance and Interior of Car

Now that you have verified the vehicle’s performance, you should look at the interior and the exterior for signs of damages. Keep in mind that depending upon the vehicle, you could be looking at repair costs and maintenance expenses that can pile up to substantial sums. That’s why you should make sure that everything from the leather seats to the multimedia controls and the sound system of the car is in perfect condition. Moreover, cars that come with salient features such as sunroofs, parking sensors, cameras, etc. need to be assessed and tested carefully.

People get very enthusiastic about buying a car. While it’s justified that you deserve to be excited, you run the risk of being very short-sighted with regards to your investment. That’s why it is necessary to keep your eyes peeled and analyze everything objectively. 

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