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How to Hire the Right Full Stack Developers for Your Web Project?

The full-stack developers are known as the multifaceted experts proficient in both frameworks and programming languages relating to frontend and backend development. Development projects that require a neat team of experts who can build both the frontend and backend of the web app project mostly opt for full-stack app development.

But hiring full-stack developers with the right skills and expertise is not easy. This is why we are here to explain some useful tips for hiring full-stack developers. But let’s start by explaining some basic things.

Why do Companies Want to Hire Full Stack Developers?

The companies hire full-stack web developers mainly for their multifarious expertise across a wide variety of technologies and programming languages to deal with all three tiers of app architecture such as frontend, backend, and database.

Companies apart from availing this diverse skill set also hire full stack developers for more cost-efficient development with a smaller team to take care of the entire project from the start to the finish. Many startups hire full stack programmers in India to avoid hiring a large development team. According to leading job boards, the demand for full stack developers is continuously on the rise. Access to greater skills, lower development cost, and faster time to market are some of the key reasons behind their popularity.

Types of Full Stack Developers

There are several different technology stacks that, developers using it for web projects, over the years. Some of the most popular full technology stacks that remained ahead of others include the following.

MEAN Stack Developers

The MEAN stack is the abbreviation made of four key technologies such as MongoDB for database, ExpressJS for middleware, AngularJS for frontend, and NodeJS for backend development. This is also a popular stack because of its dependency on JavaScript for every aspect of app development.

MERN Stack Developers

MERN stack is made up of four technologies such as MongoDB for database, ExpressJS for middleware, ReactJS for frontend, and NodeJS for backend development. It is also a fully JavaScript based stack. The component-based architecture, code reusability, and one-way data binding of React make it performance-focused and stable as a technology stack.

LAMP Stack Developers

LAMP is a popular and traditional technology stack made up of four key technologies such as Linux for Operating System platform, Apache as the cross-platform frontend tool, MySQL as the open-source relational database, and PHP for server-side scripting. The LAMP developers are also referred to as full-stack PHP developers.

Full Stack Python Developers

Python now has emerged as one of the most powerful, object-oriented, and general-purpose programming languages. That many full-stack developers now use along with PostgreSQL or MySQL or MongoDB database. And frontend technologies such as JavaScript, HTML/CSS, jQuery, React, and Angular.

The Steps to Hire a Full Stack Developer for the Web Project

Now that we have explained the key stacks why do people hire full-stack developers? It is time to guide you regarding the key considerations and steps to hire the best full-stack developers.

Have a precise project requirement document in hand

First, you need to make ready your app project requirement document in a well-articulated and understandable manner. Here you also need to decide whether to opt for outsourcing development or in-house development. This document will help you focus on the right skills and expertise.

Look for The Right Technical Skills

According to your project requirements, now you should focus on the right full stack developer’s technical skills for the app project. Here are the key skills to focus upon.

  • Git, GitHub, and SourceTree: You can get access to most expert and seasoned developers in Git, GitHub, and SourceTree platforms. Having knowledge of these platforms is important.
  • HTML & CSS: HTML and CSS are two leading web scripting languages that work together to create the web interface and the user experience. For a full stack developer having these skills is important.
  • JavaScript: JavaScript is the most dominant scripting language used almost in every web project. Along with HTML and CSS, it is the core of web development technologies.
  • Backend Technologies: Full-stack developer should have a strong command of server-side development technologies. Some of the most important backend development technologies full-stack developers should have exposure to include Ruby, Python, Php, frameworks like NodeJS, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Django, Express.js, etc.
  • Database Technologies: For data storage and data transfer, full-stack developers should be versed with leading database technologies such as PostgreSQL or MySQL relational databases, Oracle Database, MongoDB, ETC.
  • HTTP and REST: A full stack web developer should be well versed with HTTP protocol for facilitating communication between the server-side and client-side. full stack developers need to be well versed with the REST interface that uses HTTP protocol.

Soft Skills Full Stack Developers Should Have

When hiring full-stack developers, you also need to check certain qualities, personal attributes, and soft skills. Let’s have a look at these skills and attributes.

  • Ideally, a full-stack developer should always be inquisitive to explore different technologies and app development skills. The developer candidate should also remain fully updated on the latest development and tech trends.
  • A full-stack developer should also be able to come without of the box and unique solutions for different app projects.
  • The full-Stack developer should also have a vision for the long-term fate of the app project. With respect to technology and evolving business scenarios.
  • Full-stack developers should have enough exposure to project management, handling client queries, and allowing iterations.
  • Full-stack developers need to be versed with all the tools facilitating remote communication, collaboration, and project management.


In this era, where there are thousands of choices for full stack developers, making the right choice would require effort. Start by making your app needs clear and precise to the development team. Once everything is clear, keep these guidelines in mind while selecting the right development partner for your web project. With the above-mentioned considerations, you are likely to hire the best experts in the market most of the time. This is simply because these technical and soft skills have been thoroughly tested and tried across successful web projects over the years.

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