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We came upon the discovery after some thorough research that it is not enough to create just a mobile website for your company. If you want to catch the attention of the smartphone generation, then grow your company with a mobile app.

Officially, the Google Play Store and Apple App Store are now a decade old, and the mobile app industry has indeed hit its height in the last few years. In 2019, the size of the mobile app industry was an estimated USD 461 billion. In the next five years, it is expected to become a trillion-dollar industry.

As of 2020, 2,56 million applications are available on Google Play, according to Statista, while the Apple app store has 1.85 million iOS apps. Does your mobile app stand a chance to prove its uniqueness all on its own in this majority?

Your job does not end with merely designing an application as the owner of the application. To make your app the new buzz in town is just a part of your long dedicated journey. The key question remains: how do you spread your mobile app awareness, usage and popularity?

After the successful development of the mobile app, the next step is to make it accessible to consumers. Unless you make them aware of it, it is difficult for any user to know about your app. Some great ways to market your mobile app are listed below.

1) Get in touch with the current client

Marketing for mobile applications begins long before the product is published on the market. Before you start sharing your app concept with your marketing team, reach out and meet with your current customers. They are the end-users of your mobile app, after all.

And create a list of every contact person you have ever worked with before reaching out to your customers. You even need to add your newsletter to the database to sign up. Give them an email and get their input collected.

In exchange for helping and consulting with you, offering them rewards. Give them a special discount or some sort of content for education.

2) Influencer Reach Out

Influencers are influential forces that influence a small group of individuals’ purchase and interaction decisions. Some business owners also give monetary compensation in return for the promotion of influencers. We recommend selecting influencers who truly respect your company.

Let influencers know that you are making an app or have created it. Ask for their time and gather valuable input from them to discuss the creation of the app.

3) Build a mobile-friendly website

To explain the app’s characteristics and features in depth, you can develop a user-friendly mobile website for your app. You will not mention all the information about your app in the app store, so you should use mobile websites as a forum to share the actual app development intentions. In order to promote your app, your platform will become one of the biggest assets.

4) Promote an Official Blog App

It is not sufficient to display your app on the website. As part of your marketing plan, you also need to consider promoting a smartphone app in a daily blog post. To invite your users to download the app, you have to create a blog series about your app and include a call to action in every blog post.

Craft a comprehensive story about your app while writing a blog about the mobile app and let your target audience understand the intent of your app growth. Explain this app’s unique feature and functionality and ensure that it makes things simple. For a better understanding, include links, screenshots, and videos of your app.

5) Using Promotion Email

As an app owner, in any marketing aspect, including your emails, your new app is reflected. According to Exact Target study, “91 percent of people check their emails daily.” When used in the correct conditions, emails always have their charm. As a business, you send multiple emails, and it’s like losing a golden chance to sell a mobile app without including the app information in each of those countless emails.

Whether it’s tech support, newsletter, or even the account confirmation email, always provide a one-line promotional footer of your app whenever you send out a mail. Include brief information about certain stats and accomplishments via the app and a link to the download page.

6) Optimization of the app store

In addition to installing your mobile app directly from the app stores, there is another way for consumers to use keywords to locate the applications that search for your app. You need to add an outstanding keyword-filled overview of your app for this. The definition should always be brief, and in bullets, the most preferred type.

7) Social media networks

To promote your mobile app amongst your fans and followers, use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Write content that is entertaining so that the user can relate to your knowledge and gain from it. To inspire users to download an app and post your updates on their walls, plan more and more competitions.

8) Find stores for alternative apps

Don’t focus on Google Play & App Store too much; there are many other app stores available to upload your mobile app on the internet. If an app is sent to other less popular stores, it will raise the predicted downloads by 200 percent more than popular app stores, according to One Platform Foundation analysis.

There are some fantastic app stores you can remember while considering:

  • GetJar
  • SlideMe
  • Opera Mobile Store
  • AppsLib
  • Amazon Appstore
  • AppBrain

9) Kits of Press

Build convincing press kits that include screenshots of the app and icons in various sizes, including details such as the history of the app, changes, and app news that you believe users will gain from. To download it and complete information about the app, this press kit should be readily available on your website.

10) Apply for Prizes

It is a highly recommended marketing technique to compete in app awards, and app owners can take advantage of it. These awards give your app a forum to highlight, and you can get a lot of publicity, expert opinions, and a good amount of downloads through this. Since the chances of winning the award are determined by your pitch and app design, if you manage to get it right the first time, you can expect to experience a little stardom.

List of some popular places for app awards:

  • Appy Awards
  • ADCE Awards
  • Awwwards
  • Apple Design Awards
  • Clio Awards
  • Best App Ever Awards
  • AppCircus competition
  • Apple Design Awards
  • Appsters Awards
  • Ericsson Application Awards
  • The Webby Awards


There are several marketing techniques by which your mobile app will develop a large user base. We are addressing ten commonly used marketing tactics in the app industry in this blog. They will feel more comfortable using it as the viewer will have full knowledge about your app. Start with what works for you and find out. Based on your experience and input, build more preparation.

Author Bio:

Simon Bough is the Folio3 Shopify developer. He is the developer of the games, 20-plus, that are featured here. Simon, a blogger with Folio3 Shopify, also speaks about the website design sydney and creation of applications and the future of technology at outlets ranging from Bloomberg TV to Google TV.He currently employed in Folio3  shopify custom app development Company.

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