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How to Pick an Office Coffee Machine

Generally speaking, when using a coffee machines in the office, you will not choose a professional semi-automatic coffee machine, because the operation is too cumbersome, not every novice will use it. Operating a semi-automatic coffee machine is a technical job; instead, choose an office automatic coffee machine. , not only a variety of coffee drinks, but also easy to operate, office white can easily make a good cup of coffee. The coffee machines on the market include capsule type, American drip filter type, and Italian pump type; there are household grade and commercial grade. With so many types, how do you choose the best coffee machine brands  that suits your office?

Popular Coffee Machine Brands

Jetinno coffee machine

Judging from Ginotech’s official website and its product line, its coffee equipment is positioned as a commercial-grade automatic coffee machine, with Italian-style pump extraction, which extracts the essence of coffee and makes milk coffee full of oil. There are more than 20 types of coffee drinks, including black coffee and milk coffee. Techno smart coffee machines include desktop coffee machines on the desktop and refrigerator-sized cabinet coffee machines, which are suitable for different scene spaces.  Save with Charles Bentley Discount Code

Judging from its product introduction, Techno smart coffee machines can be ordered and made with one click, which means that coffee can be made automatically. Just select your favorite coffee on the screen and click to adjust the concentration of sugar/milk/coffee. , you can DIY a cup of coffee with your own taste; you can also scan the code to pay, the automatic coffee machine has been transformed into a self-service coffee vending machine that does not require personnel on duty.

Techno coffee machines can be applied in commercial scenarios, whether it is the overall design such as power, capacity, etc., or the beverage production speed such as production speed and production quantity, which far meet the needs of enterprises. Meet the taste needs of office staff, high-power design, to meet the demand for coffee during peak hours in the office.

Donlim coffee machine

The Dongling coffee machine seen from a treasure, whether in terms of price or description, the Dongling coffee machine should be positioned as a household-level coffee machine to meet the family’s demand for coffee. Most of the products of Dongling coffee machine are priced within 100 USD.

The coffee extraction method is the drip filter method, which is a typical American coffee practice. Only 1 product is priced at around 300 USD, which should be regarded as a high-end product in the Dongling coffee machine. The coffee extraction method is Italian deep extraction, which makes the Italian coffee full of oil.

Since the Dongling coffee machine is positioned as a household automatic coffee machine, whether it is the cup volume or production speed, or the overall design or the selection of components, it is only an office coffee that meets the needs of families and cannot meet the large needs of enterprises.

Nespresso coffee machine

As we all know, Nescafé coffee machines are capsule-type coffee machines, which are generally used in homes and rarely used in commercial scenarios such as offices. In fact, different capsule coffee machines are suitable for different coffee capsules. Of course, Nescafé coffee machines can only be applied to Nescafe coffee capsules. One coffee capsule can only make one cup of coffee.

The price of coffee capsules I learned from a treasure is about 5 USD a piece, and capsule coffee is not cheap. For Xiaobai, who is new to the capsule coffee machine, it is difficult to make a cup of capsule coffee. He does not know where the capsule should be placed, and he does not know which button to press to start the production. Since the capsule coffee machine is positioned as a household coffee machine, the production speed and cup volume of coffee are only for household use, and cannot meet the coffee needs of large-scale enterprises for the time being.

DeLonghi coffee machine

I learned from a certain Dongshang that the Delonghi coffee machine is also positioned as a household-level coffee machine, mainly used in homes or small businesses. The extraction method is a typical Italian coffee extraction method, which uses pump pressure to extract the soul of coffee, so that Espresso is covered with thick grease. Judging from the Delonghi coffee machine product line, most of the products can only make espresso black coffee, and the taste is relatively simple, which cannot satisfy the Chinese who like milk coffee; only a few products can make fresh milk coffee, which can satisfy urban White-collar workers love lattes, but Delonghi’s coffee machines are not cheap, and the cheapest fresh milk coffee machine costs about 1500 USD.

Because of its positioning to serve families and small businesses, whether it is the speed of product delivery or the amount of cups made, it is temporarily unable to meet the demand for coffee by large enterprises during peak hours.

Philips (PHILIPS) coffee machine

Learn about its coffee machine product line from a Bao Philips flagship store, and develop fully automatic coffee machines for different coffee lovers. There are American drip coffee machines, Italian pump coffee machines, and Italian fresh milk coffee machines. Coffee machine.

Whether it is product power design or beverage production speed, it can be seen that it is positioned as a household-level coffee machine, which is only suitable for households or micro-enterprises. The appearance of the Philips coffee machine is relatively small, and it is not very convenient to use the button-type coffee ordering. Demand for coffee during peak hours.

KRUPS coffee machine

From its product line, Kluber focuses on making Italian-style fully automatic coffee machines, mainly for home or small business scenarios. The Kluber coffee machine adopts an instant heating system, which extracts more coffee essence and richer fat through high temperature and high pressure pump-pressed coffee extraction.

In order to meet the taste needs of more people, espresso automatic coffee machines and fresh milk espresso machines have been developed. Since it is positioned as a household-level coffee machine, the built-in interior is also suitable for household needs, and a cost-effective instant boiler is selected, but the continuous coffee production capacity is weak, unable to meet the peak coffee demand of large enterprises. Since the milk used in its Italian-style fresh milk coffee machine is fresh milk, it is difficult to clean, and cleaning is not so convenient. Shop now using Currys NHS discount code

WPM/ Welhome coffee machine

Judging from its product line, Huijia coffee machine is positioned as a semi-automatic coffee machine. It uses pump pressure to extract the thick oil of coffee, which is a typical Italian coffee extraction method. Scenes. Semi-automatic coffee machines are relatively troublesome to operate.

Not only do you need to grind coffee beans manually, but you also need to froth milk manually. Most importantly, to make a good cup of Italian coffee, you need to adjust various equipment parameters. The Huijia coffee machine needs a professional barista to operate it. It is difficult for Xiaobai to play. Operating a semi-automatic coffee machine is a technical task. Make a cup of coffee and clean for half an hour. It can be seen that cleaning is also a pain point for semi-automatic coffee machines.

Micro-enterprise, team of three or five

For companies with a small number of people, within five people, it is recommended to choose a Nestle capsule coffee machine. This equipment can fully meet the use of the team. No matter the type and taste of coffee, or the speed of production, it can meet the needs of the team at this stage. Capsule coffee machines are not expensive, but coffee capsules are not cheap.

Micro business, team members have a unique love for Americano

Small number of people are minimally invasive enterprises. Most of the team loves American coffee. It is recommended to choose the American drip filter type of Dongling coffee machine or Philips coffee machine. It has the function of automatic production and meets the needs of busy and nervous enterprises. Both coffee machines are equipped with coffee pots for sharing by team members. The drip-type American coffee machine has a small disadvantage. The coffee needs to be drunk hot, otherwise the coffee will easily become sour and difficult to drink .

Small business, team of around 25

Start-up and fast-growing enterprises are in urgent need of coffee to refresh the energy and make the enterprise more efficient. It is recommended to choose a household-grade coffee machine. Whether it is the speed of coffee production or the taste of coffee, it can meet the needs of this type of enterprise. It is recommended to choose Delong Coffee machine, Philips coffee machine and Kluber coffee machine. These coffee machines are household-level coffee machines with relatively simple flavors, only Italian black coffee . Judging from their official website, these brands also have fresh milk espresso machines, but the price is a bit unaffordable, generally around 18,000.

Small and medium-sized enterprises, teams of more than 30 people

With the increase of corporate team members, everyone has different needs for coffee, some for the taste of coffee, and some for the taste of coffee. A coffee machine needs not only freshly ground coffee beans, but also Italian extraction, coffee drinks with various flavors, and easy cleaning. DangDang, Techno coffee machine can meet all your needs, coffee beans are freshly ground , Italian-style extraction , rich oil makes coffee more mellow, and meets the pursuit of urban white-collar coffee taste; not only black coffee ,

but also cappuccino latte Waiting for milk coffee , there are more than 10 kinds of flavors to meet the needs of many people in the office; the large touch point single screen , move your finger, choose your favorite coffee drink, scan the code to pay , just wait 45 seconds , you can enjoy a good cup of coffee. The domestic product Gino coffee machine is not only easy to operate in making drinks , but also very convenient to clean .

Just set the scheduled cleaning in the background, and the daily scheduled cleaning system will be activated. There is also a cloud background management system, which makes the management of the coffee machine more convenient. The coffee machine can also be managed from the front.

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