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How to Restrict And Monitor Digital Activities of Kids During Christmas Holidays

Monitoring a teenager’s digital lifestyle is not that easy. You need to have a nerve-wracking heart and extraordinary skill to keep up with the digital life of today’s teens. We are going to tell you about a simple key that holds the power of complete surveillance of all the digital activities of your teenager during his Christmas Holidays. The TheOneSpy computer monitoring app can be your secret friend that can help you in taking good care of yourself as well as your kids. The enormous features offered by the TheOneSpy spy app are described in detail below. Just have a look and decide for yourself whether you are going to spend these holidays stressing about your teenager or you want a worry-free vacation.

Track Internet Browsing History Feature:

With the TheOneSpy spy app know about the online search bar of your kid with ease. The track browsing history feature of the TheOneSpy allows the user to know about all the websites visited by the target person, in the case of the teenager. Make sure they are not searching for any triggering or adult content.

Know About The Bookmarked Folder:

Know about the real interest and hobbies of your teenager with TheOneSpy. The access to the bookmarked folder feature provided by the TheOneSpy spy app gives remote access to all the bookmarked sites of your teenager.

Web Filtering:

Block all the useless sites by using the web filtering feature of the TheOneSpy spy app. Teenagers will have a lot of time on hand this Christmas as most probably they will have to stay at home most of the time due to the pandemic. Make sure they do not get dragged into the wild web world.

Check the Installed Apps:

TheOneSpy allows the user to know about all the installed apps in the target device. Whether it’s a mac or windows gadget, parents must know about the whole list of the installed app. This feature enables the parents to stop the kid from using dating apps and other weird content.

Monitor Instant Messaging Apps:

Teenagers prefer instant messaging apps over simple text services, as they are colorful and offer attractive features. With TheOneSpy users can know about the chat content of these instant messaging apps with few clicks. Know about the contacts, kind of media shared, and audio and video call details by using the TheOneSpy spy app. The features offered by the TheOneSpy spy app include WhatsApp screen recorder, Viber screen recorder, Line screen recorder, Skype screen recorder, and many more.

YouTube Screen Recorder:

Youtube is a huge platform for watching all sorts of videos from all around the globe. Anyone can make an account on the platform and uploads videos. Parents must keep an eye on the teenagers to know about the content being watched on Youtube while being home stuck. The youtube screen recorder allows the user to know about every youtube activity of the teenager with timestamp information.

Social Media Monitorng :

Keep an eye on the FaceBook, Instagram, or Tumblr activity log with social media monitoring features offered by the TheOneSpy.The list includes a FaceBook screen recorder, Instagram screen recorder., Snapchat screen recorder, Hike screen recorder, and more.

Camera Bug Feature:

The camera bug feature of the TheOneSpy spy app uses the front and rear camera of the target device to capture the surroundings of the teenager. So if your teenager stays in the room from morning till night. It’s time to know about their activities through the smart gadget with a little help from TheOneSpy.

A computer monitoring app like TheOneSpy is the need of an hour. Every parent deserves to know about the social media or online life of the teen. Theonespy app helps you with that in the easiest and smart way. Monitor the laptop, tablet, and smartphone of your teen by using different versions of the TheOneSpy spy app. It offers Mac and Windows spy app version and an android spy app version for smartphone monitoring. The important thing to mention here is that the user needs to access the target device physically at the time of installation. But don’t worry as this is only a one-time requirement. After installation TheOneSpy will provide remote access to the target device.





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