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How to Strategically Grow Your E-Commerce Business with SMS & MMS Marketing ?

Ecommerce businesses have no physical existence. In order to have popularity one must use marketing strategies to grow ecommerce business with bulk SMS marketing. Such can be achieved by advertising in the right mode.

How to choose the right mode of advertising in a marketing mix ?

  • Opt for the mode which covers the most of the audience – such a mode which ensures flowing all around is important to pull more audience. Advertising all over in Australia with a single medium and uniform message can be the most effective strategy to opt in for.
  • Keep stable ROAS and grow more – ROAS (return on ad spend) should be more that is invest less and get higher returns. Adopt a method which is cost effective and designed to provide equivalent results in the long run.
  • Go for an interactive way out – when it comes to advertising in todayÔÇÖs era, one must get involved in a communicative way. As no one today wants to just keep on listening. In other words, avoid only a supply of messages from your end. Rather learn your customerÔÇÖs needs and preferences.
  • Use a method which actually reaches your audience – Go with a method which ensures reach and results as well. Would you like your hard written message to go into vain ? Well, no one does. So opt for something which minimises the waste of messages.┬á

Wondering, which is an appropriate way of having all such attributes ? The answer is ÔÇťMMS and SMS marketing.ÔÇŁ┬á

All About SMS marketing and MMS marketing 

SMS marketing and MMS marketing both are attributes of text messaging. Yes, text messaging, if you are wondering who uses text messages nowadays ? Well, many huge businesses like BMW, DominoÔÇÖs etc – everyone does. To answer why they use text messages we will discuss it in a moment.┬á

Firstly, letÔÇÖs discuss the difference between the two.┬á

Difference between SMS marketing and MMS marketing 

  • MMS are lengthy and contain both text and images, but SMS are brief and just contain text.
  • With MMS, you can customize and convey your message in a creative way that is not possible with SMS because those are just word games.
  • Unlike SMS, MMS gives you the ability to include a subject line to inform your recipients of the purpose of your message.
  • According to a study, MMS have greater open rates and click through engagement than SMS due to their higher engagement and shareability.
  • SMS continues to be the most cost-effective technique, with MMS trailing slightly behind.

But, together they are just unstoppable. Although many times these two are taken similar in many ways as well. 

Reasons to opt for SMS marketing and MMS marketing –┬á

  • Most importantly it is cost effective

Compared to other forms of advertising, bulk SMS Service is more affordable and produces results that are at least as good. Incoming is free in this case, and there are no monthly obligations because it is a pay-per-use system. Use it as long as you like and just pay for worn items. Even frequently, bundles for bulk SMS include reductions for more consumption. Use it more frequently, use it to create more leads, and pay less than before. Many SMS service companies provide free credits as part of their trial offers. Opt in to ensure that you are aware of how it operates.

  • Data security is the priority

The most hazardous situation a company may encounter is data leakage. An organisation can be destroyed from the success it currently enjoys in a matter of minutes by data leaks. It’s challenging to hold everything inside when you care about rivals who are constantly curious about your next move. However, several Bulk SMS service providers offer end-to-end encryption as tier 1 protection of your data and onshore-located servers. So, send as much as you want without worrying. Allow clients to contact you fearlessly and expand as best as possible with the huge potential that your company has because everything is safe.

  • On time delivery and detailed reports

Track the delivery of your SMS in real-time using an SMS gateway, and increase customer loyalty while enhancing your brand’s reputation. Increase engagement by sending out your SMS to all of Australia. As SMS has a greater click-through and opening rate. Additionally, the recipient notices that they are read almost immediately. Many SMS gateways provide excellent tools for integrating with other well-known accounts and channels, which is helpful to expand. Because integration can offer SMS automation, there will be a constant flow of client interaction. Additionally, you can convert email into SMS using SMS gateways.

  • Pay per use

SMS marketing and MMS marketing is something for which you will be charged only for the sent messages and not the failed one’s. Also, incoming here is free with an SMS messages gateway. Moreover, get the delivery status instantly. Best part here is there is no need for monthly commitments or contracts, just use it when you feel like using it. Also, many Platforms provide you with lifetime free access to their gateway to know interaction┬á rate as well. Thing to remember is do not forget to avail free credits.┬á

  • Integrate API with mobile application and software

You can import contacts and send bulk SMS to reach a large audience in Australia after integrating API with your programme or mobile application. Make sure your consumers can trace each step of the order process and are kept informed at all times. Inform them of everything that occurs and provide them any insights they could find useful. When they receive their merchandise, don’t forget to interact with them. And be assured it won’t have an impact on your main operations. Only if you contract with a bulk SMS provider. You can use this to get access to email to SMS as well. Don’t type; let your SMS be automatically copied from your email.

  • Generate huge revenue and ROI

Drive more leads and produce enormous money with bulk SMS for incredible returns on investment. With more involvement, bulk SMS means that you will have more loyal customers throughout Australia. You may monitor both your organic growth and paid returning customers in this way. There is therefore no doubt as to whether it is genuinely helping you. According to data from large corporations, using a bulk SMS service can raise revenue by around 4 times. Additionally, don’t worry about the time it will take you to track ROI; the SMS gateway will do it in a matter of seconds and ensure that you are not short on anything.

  • Be interactive with your customers

Based on current Google searches, send interactive messaging to your customers. To reach more people in Australia, offer polling options. Use chatbots to communicate with clients who aren’t using your platform anymore and to send them messages and offers for future use to keep them interested. Utilize bulk SMS to increase brand loyalty. Using the same gives your consumers ways to interact with you via surveys and questionnaires at regular intervals and lets you know what concerns they may have about you. Use bulk SMS to send links to the areas of your website that receive the fewest visitors, such as the history of your company, to your customers.

  • Customize your messages –┬á

A strategy like SMS, where there is less communication, needs to be sufficiently tailored to close the gap in communication. Additionally, personalised SMS aids in increasing interaction and your consumer base. Interaction and customisation are made simple there thanks to bulk SMS services. Amazingly, everything can be automated if the correct data is looped in. Customize bulk SMS with content, such as a customer’s name or birth date, or a product or any appropriate discount codes. Just let everything run automatically so you get the best service possible.

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