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Thoughtful Flower Baskets for First New Born Baby

Whenever a new baby is born or is about to be born, people send or give the parents thoughtful and beautiful gifts to express their happiness. The most commonly sent newborn baby gifts are flower baskets. However, before sending any flower basket to honor the newborn child’s parents, you must put a few factors into consideration to ensure you make them proper. 

Flower baskets and arrangements come in very many types, which confuses many people who want to pick the best and most impressive floral gift for a newborn baby. A few pointers that should guide you when selecting proper new baby flowers are that white flowers combined with pink or red flowers are perfect for a new baby girl. If it’s a boy, flowers with shades of blue or purple will work well. To help you make the right choice when choosing new baby flowers, read on for more thoughtful flower basket ideas. 

New Born Baby Bloom Color

When you have decided to settle for a flower basket as a new baby gift, you need to know which color will be proper. If the new baby is a boy, then the best flower color to go for is blue. But if you are having a hard time finding blue blooms or just want to spice things up, you can settle for shades of purple. When going for gender-specific colors, you need to be sure of the baby’s gender first. If you are looking for a flower basket for a baby girl, the best colors would be pink, red, or a mixture of either red and white or pink and white flowers. If you are not so sure what gender the baby is, settle for an all-white flower basket. A thoughtful floral gift will excite the new mom. 

New Born Baby Flower Choice 

The type of bloom you decide to include in your flower basket also matters when choosing flowers for a newborn baby. Although going for delicate and newborn flowers is sweet and lovely, they tend to wilt and die after a short period. Making the most out of your flower demands that you pick hardy flowers that can last long without withering and still be elegant and cute enough for a newborn baby. 

A thoughtful flower choice will be carnations. They are great newborn baby flowers because they are soft, delicate, and have a soft feel. They also have a sweet scent that will be pleasant for the new mother. Carnations look quite elegant when arranged in a basket, plus they are available in various hues, which will work awesomely for both genders. 

However, some feel that carnation blooms are a bit traditional. If you are among them, then the choice would be gerbera daisies. Gerbera daisies are not only hardy flowers, which last long without withering, but they are also pretty. The beauty of these lovely blooms is that they are available in various bright colors, making them perfect for newborn babies of either gender. These daisies are also cheaper than other types of flowers available in the market, and anyone can afford them. Ordering these new baby flowers online will ensure that you get them well arranged in a basket and in time. Cosmea Gardens flower delivery Cyprus company offers all kinds of new baby flower baskets that new parents will appreciate and enjoy. 

Add Something Extra 

For most people, a floral gift isn’t just enough as a newborn baby gift. You need to include an extra gift to serve as a complimentary gift. Most online flower deliveries offer an option to include extra gifts to make your flower basket more special, personalized, or unique. There are countless new baby gift items that you can incorporate in your flower basket, including balloons, baby figurines, baby and mother figurines, teddy bears, assorted stuffed animals, music boxes, baby rattles and toys, pictures frames, and many others. 

Although these extra gifts may look simple, they play a major role in the appearance of the flower basket and how the baskets are arranged. They also help to personalize or customize the new baby flower basket to make it look unique. For example, you can decide to settle for a stunning basket of gerbera daisies and top it off with a sizable teddy bear to make your floral gift look exquisite. 

Besides flowers, you can also decide to fill your new baby basket with edibles such as fruits and chocolates for the new mother. This is one way of telling her that she should stick to a healthy diet to ensure that the baby gets all the nutrients from the mother’s breast milk. 

A Baby Theme Flower Basket

Among the best ways to welcome a new baby into this world is by sending baby-themed flower baskets. This is a splendid gift that you can’t go wrong with when you try to send good riddance to the new parents. You can choose to go with a particular flower that blooms when the baby is born. Flowers are great gifts that will positively impact the new mom compared to a toy that will have to wait until the baby is old enough to play with it. Themed flower baskets for the newborn baby also make the settings look lovely when gifts are being given to the new parents. As you buy themed flowers, remember to confirm with the parents the baby’s gender. 

Flower Baskets for New Moms 

The mother of the newborn baby can also use a gift of beautiful flowers after delivering the baby. If you want to send the parents lovely first baby flowers, consider flowers with an adult theme. Roses are a popular choice among many new mothers. Proper colors should not be all over the place. The best colors to show the new mom she is great are orange, peach, or yellow. While pregnant, mothers undergo a lot in the nine months. That is why it is always a noble gesture to show her how proud you are that she has delivered well. While presenting this gift, make it special by including edibles such as candy, biscuits, potato crisps, muffins, cake, or chocolate. The hard work that the new mom has put in to bring forth new life to this earth is incredible, and she deserves your honor and gratitude.


Newborn flowers are always a great gift option for new mothers and newborn babies. With these pointers, you will surely nail it. You can send her new baby flowers such as carnations and gerbera daisies if you are not staying near the parents of the newborn baby, order from an online flower delivery, and have them delivered to its recipient on time. Help the new parents to welcome the new bundle of joy in style with these beautiful and thoughtful flower baskets.  

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