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If you are experiencing these symptoms you may have a hormonal imbalance

Have you observed an alteration in your body like weight gain, more stress, or sleeping problems? If yes, you might be encountering hormonal imbalance symptoms in females.

As you grow old, an imbalance can be caused as your hormone level starts to decline. For instance in women, levels of testosterone begin to go down once they enter their 20s, and till they reach the age of 40, these levels will be reduced to half.

Hormonal imbalance can affect someone at any age which can eventually lead to more critical complications. But you should be happy that this imbalance of hormones can be managed to make you feel like yourself once again.

What is Hormone Imbalance?

There are various kinds of hormones in your body and all of them perform essential roles in daily living, including testosteroneprogesterone, and estrogen. Exactly like how the stock market fluctuates daily, these hormones change continually.

A little shift can produce big problems like mood swings, the gain of weight, and problems with the roles of organs, even your heart or kidneys.

These are some general symptoms of hormonal imbalance that occur in women. Your indications could range depending on the glands or hormones that don’t work accurately.

  • Irregular menstrual cycles

For ages, you observed the normal pattern of your periods. If you notice an abrupt change like extreme timing irregularities or missing a cycle entirely, your level of estrogen and progesterone may be off.

If your age lies between the early 40s or 50s  hormonal imbalance most likely happens from perimenopause, which indicates that a woman is reaching menopause.

  • Sleep disturbances

No one wants to have problems with sleep because it can spoil your day. In case you are encountering issues going to sleep or feeling relaxed following a good night’s sleep, it could be a result of your hormonal actions. If your progesterone and estrogen levels are decreased than the standard level, you can undergo sleeping problems.

Sleep impacts your whole well-being, keeping a record of your sleep disturbances can conclude if there is something to worry about. Sleep influences every domain of your life

  • Stomach Problems

Estrogen and progesterone have control over your stomach too. Any variation in hormone levels can lead to painful cramps, gas, and diarrhea. People often don’t link bloating and gas with hormonal issues. To keep yourself in good shape, no one can emphasize enough the importance of a good, wholesome diet.

Also, hormones can perform tricks on your brain and make you eat more because you feel hungry.

  • Excessive Fatigue

Do you often feel drowsy and miss the strength you once owned? High progesterone and decreased thyroid hormones can completely destroy your energy and make your brain act foggy.

If you regularly experience crashes and feel inactive during the day, this isn’t healthy. You can attempt modifying your diet and dropping sugars to prevent you from bumping into the highs and lows.

  • Mood swings and Blues

Changing levels of estrogen can interfere with your brain’s substances. This can induce absurd mood swings from being annoyed to feeling sad. In women anxiety and depression happen to be symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Feel comforted to hear that internal voice if you sense anything wrong.

  • Weight Gain

Have you worked out every exercise and diet, and you still continued gaining weight? Decreased levels of estrogen can make women eat more. Hormonal irregularities can make it hard to maintain a good weight.

Do you have doubled belly fat? When your endocrine system goes out of whack, it might overproduce hormones, such as cortisol, which makes your body store extra fat. This is a symbol of adrenal fatigue.

  • Headaches

Headaches happen to be a little uncommon, but a decline in estrogen levels might cause critical headaches. If you experience headaches during your menstrual period, this is due to your low estrogen levels during that point of the month.

You might observe an increase in headaches as your levels of estrogen drop with age.

  • Lower Libido

Testosterone is not only present in males. Women also produce some quantity of this hormone and it manages their sex drive. If you are suffering from a lack of interest or have lower libido, reduced testosterone levels are the possible culprit.

Unusual vaginal dryness is prevalent in many women, but if you observe this is converting into a regular problem, your hormones might be imbalanced. This issue also disturbs the sex drive.

Harbor Compounding pharmacy has a solution for your Hormonal Imbalance

Don’t let hormonal imbalance ruin your life. This condition is easily treatable with hormonal replacement therapy.

Finding a practitioner or a compounding pharmacy that operates with expertise in women’s health problems, especially hormonal health and menopause, is crucial. The solution to this problem is Harbor Compounding Pharmacy that works with the most competent hormone experts in discovering and providing the best Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) products. If you need to locate a doctor near you, they can help you find the right provider that can prescribe a suitable, customized treatment Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) plan.

Harbor Compounding pharmacy can accommodate you to end needless suffering and improve your state of life for ages to come.

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