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Graphic Designing

Importance of design brands and the key elements that help build it!

Whenever the word ÔÇťmarketplaceÔÇŁ is mentioned we think about a setting where a buyer and the seller meet and the swap of commodities in exchange for money takes place. Now we all know what the current state of this so-called ÔÇťMarketplaceÔÇŁ is. We as consumers have a plethora of options to choose from whether we are looking to buy anything, a product, or a service.

Taking a walk down the memory lane, we can clearly see how the market has evolved into being the competitive spiral that it is today. The era of industrialization paved the way for an economic boom with more and more jobs being created allowing the general public to earn more. This rise in income consequently created a gap in the market as the consumers were able to spend more and there were fewer products and services available initially to satisfy their demands.

The lore of design brands:

In order to fill the gaps and take advantage of the many new businesses were set up that thrived under this newly reformed economic model. As capitalism and consumerism grew and loads of competition in the market became the norm. The sellers were now vying to grab the buyerÔÇÖs attention at every turn.

Businesses now had to do more rather than just provide a quality product in order to stand out in the eyes of the customers. Marketing became a need of the time and branding its most important tool. The following read will help you realize the power of design brands and will highlight important elements that you need to keep in mind while designing your branding strategy.

As we have a look at the current situation in the market, we can quite clearly see that organizations that had realized the importance of branding clearly have an edge over other smaller names. Organizations that emphasized design brands are market leaders today whether it is the telecom industry, food & beverages, or even clothing. The most recognizable names today such as Zara, iPhone, Cheetos are all up there because of branding.


Important elements of design brands:

Branding, in simple words, helps in enhancing the experience of the customers with their interactions with any product or service.

It is the set of expectations, memories, and a certain sense of a relationship between a certain product and a consumer. Branding helps in enhancing that relationship to newer levels if done right. The following are important elements that play a crucial role in design brands and their consequent success or failure.


Logo Design

Logos are one of the most if not the most important elements of a branding strategy. If you donÔÇÖt have a logo or even worse have a poorly designed logo the chances of your success are almost nonexistent. A logo may consist of any symbol, image, font, or a combination of them that can later be identifiable by the customers as a part of an organization.

Now, logos play a huge role in your branding strategy and they can do wonders for the recognizability and the memorability of your product.


There is a very common misconception surrounded packaging and the purpose it fulfills in a marketplace. Many still think that packaging has only one role and it is to protect the product, they are severely wrong. If done right the packaging of your product can play a much larger role in attracting new customers and even retaining the old ones.

Packing is one of the best marketing and branding tools out there as it can carry the logo as well other specifications that the customers might be interested in reading. It can also help create an identity for the brand just like the logo. Many businesses have tried out innovative and creative packaging techniques and have reaped huge benefits out of it.


Typography, in simple words, is the art of designing and arranging type in such a way that grabs the attention of the consumers at first glance. Typography has always been an important part of any brand’s identity.

Initially, businesses used fancy fonts only to convey their names to the public. However, as time passed and competition grew typography became an important marketing and branding tool. established businesses used slight variations of their original fonts to give their products a more modern feel. Typography if done right does wonder in attracting new customers and also enhances the memorability of your name. It also helps highlight important information that could help the customers in making their final decision.

Make sure that all the elements such as the logo, packaging, and typography are similar in their color patterns, fonts, and overall design so that the consumers never get confused.






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