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Important Questions Answered about Laminate Flooring

A great flooring is equivalent to a great house, a solid house. And, the strength and durability of a house can never go wrong. It not only makes the stay of the house owners a great experience, but also makes it an easy job if one wants to sell off the house.

Why laminate flooring grew so popular?

A good flooring should be strong and durable, should be comfortable underfoot, can be installed easily and definitely adds an aesthetic appeal to your home. And laminate flooring ticks all the boxes, which is why they are loved by most and have grown so popular. Reports show that when people want to have a good flooring installed, yet have a shortage of budget, they go for laminate flooring, which looks good, durable, is versatile and easy on the pocket.

laminate flooring

Before opting for laminate flooring, people often ask us some questions. Here are some common questions that are asked and our answers to those.

How durable is laminate flooring?   

This is a very pertinent question. When you are upgrading the floors of your house or office, you would obviously like to know as to for how long your investment would last. For those considering laminate flooring, the answer would be a big YES! Laminate floors are extremely durable.

The multi-layered laminate flooring is heavily resistant to wear and tear, and heavy foot traffic. Since it is resistant to scuffs and scratches, and can be cleaned easily, it is a popular choice for households with pets and children. They are also a preferable option for workplaces with greater workforce.

Will the laminate flooring look like wood?

The final look and aesthetics should definitely be a part of your selection process. But let us give you a trivia. Not only can the laminate flooring look like real wood but the embossing techniques used can also make them look like ceramic, metal or stone. Embossing is a particular technique that is used to intensify the texture and depth of the material. This technique makes it possible to achieve a lot of textural effects, depending on the customers’ preferences. Coloured laminate flooring options like a Grey Laminate flooring are also available.

In which part of my home can I install laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring can be installed in any room, all over a house. As long there is a dry and flat subfloor. Laminate flooring can be used both above or below the ground, which gives it a brownie point. It can also be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, basements and similar places too, unlike the high-end flooring materials.

For how will the laminate floors last?

Definitely one of the best things about laminate flooring is that, if maintained well, they can last a lifetime. Once you install a laminate flooring, be sure that the floor will last you a span of at least 30-50 years.

That they are durable and quite resistant to scratches make them a favoured wood flooring option.

Will laminate flooring be worth the investment?

Another most important feature of laminate flooring, it offers its buyers a real value for money. Not only that, they are usually easier on the pocket than both wall-to-wall carpeting and hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring, even the specially designed ones like the Oak Laminate Flooring, as mentioned before, doesn’t require high-maintenance. Specialised cleaning is not required, and it boasts of incredible longevity.

How cumbersome is the installation process?

Installation of laminate flooring is a super-easy job, thanks to the click to fit system. In that system, all you need to do is snap the boards together. You do not require to glue or nail the planks together. Most of the laminate floors that we see can be placed over heated concrete slabs also. It floats on other existing flooring, which means that it can be laid on top of plywood, wood, or any other types of existing concrete or vinyl flooring.

Laminate flooring is good for people suffering from allergies. Is this true?

Laminate flooring is easy for cleaning, and has non-porous top-surface. Therefore, very truly, it benefits people who suffer from allergies. Unlike a carpet, laminate flooring does not absorb dust. It boasts of an airtight locking system that acts as a sanitary product as well. It has a plastic exterior that creates a shield against moisture. Any unwanted mess can easily be wiped clean. And as mentioned before, they are scratch-resistant too.

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