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Know Everything about the Laminate Floor Beading

A lot of planning and research goes into transforming a house into a dream home. For example, you need to decide on the type of flooring and accessories that can enhance your home décor. Selecting a floorboard is not an easy task. The choice in the market is overwhelming. And once you have selected the laminate flooring, you must buy matching laminate floor beading to complete the look.

What is Floor Beading?

Floor beading is called the floor trim or edging that is used to fill up the untidy gaps between the wall and flooring. It ensures to cover up the gaps and finish the look seamlessly. It is used when you install solid wood floor or engineered or laminate flooring.

Laminate beading is applied using glue or it has a self-adhesive layer. It is used above your floorboards and against the skirting or wall. It lends a neat finish and an aesthetic appearance that matches your flooring and décor.

Laminate floor beadingWhy you need floor trim or beading?

After installing laminate floorboards or solid wood floors, an expansion gap is left at the edge all around the room. Floor beading or trim is a strip that can cover that untidy gap. The gap is left so that the wood gets space to expand in various climates. Otherwise, the flooring will become uneven and may even lift from some places.

Wide Range of Beading

In the market, a wide range of trims or beading is available to match, literally every type and texture of floors. Since beading covers the expansions gaps, it is important to buy something that matches your floor in texture, type and style. Also, you need to ensure if your flooring is waterproof, your trim too should be waterproof.

Trims types ranging from metal, wood, white, brown, any colour, any style are available to choose from. So, it’s easy to select one that goes perfectly with your flooring.

When to fit beading or floor trim?

If you are wondering when it is a must to fit the beading, then here is the answer to your query. You will require beading if there is a gap left between the wall and floor after you have installed your laminate or wood floor. So, you will need it to fill the gap.

You will also require it if you are installing a new floor but without installing the skirting boards first. Also, if you are planning to install floorboards without any skirting at all, then you will have to fit beading.

Laminate Floor Beading

Laminate floorboards are easy to install and affordable too, hence trims for laminate is the most used type of beading. Laminate flooring is so hassle-free to install that anyone with zero experience can install it. Beading can hide gaps and mistakes made whilst installing the floor. You can buy trim that matches your floorboards or skirting. You can also go for contrasting trim.

Other Floor Accessories

When laying the floor, you not only require trim but also need many other accessories to lend a seamless finish to your space. Apart from scotia beading, you will require door bars, stair nosing, underlay and adhesives.

Numerous colours of laminate bars are there online. They come in lengths of 92cm and 240cm and are available in T Bar, End Bar and Ramp Bar profiles. From a wide range of laminate and self-adhesive door bars, you can effortlessly find something to match your floor brand and texture.

Where to find beading?

All in All is your one stop shop to find the perfect floor accessories, including beading. They offer an extensive range of premium quality products ideal for your home or office. You get a wide choice to select something that complements your flooring. Their exclusive 15mm scotia come in 17 colours to match your door bars. The scotia comes in 240cm length that is available in lacquered oak and unfinished which can be stained to complement your floor.

They are experts at fulfilling all your requirements related to flooring accessories. You can check out their vast range online that will cater to your style and budget. Depending on the type of flooring, solid wood, engineered or laminate, you can filter out your search. You can even discuss your requirement with the floor experts and they can help you make the decision effortlessly.

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