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Kundalika Rafting Guide

The greatest fascination in Kolad is the ‘Kundalika River Rafting’. The wellspring of Kundalika River is from Tamhini Ghat and it courses through Kolad town and is an ideal spot for boating for novices. This boating movement is directed between two dams which are around 12 km separated. Boating begins from the lower side of Bhira Dam and runs into Doleshal Dam and since there are no new changes in the degrees of water this stream is profoundly protected and has been perceived as a water sports center. Appreciate boating in this 12 km water stretch which is loaded with energizing rapids of evaluation 3 sort making it an exciting for 2 hour movement. 


Witness Kundalika stream boating camps which oblige experiences as well as are ideal spots for loosening up away from the bedlam of the city. They are victorious to a great blend of outdoors under the ritzy sky with the adrenaline siphoning boating. 


While you remain at the Kundalika Rafting camps you can make never-ending memories, as this experience is only one-of-its-sort. Regardless of whether you are here with your pack of people or with your family, you won’t lament even a second spent here. All over encompassed by the Sahyadris, the perspectives along the camps are really alluring! 


About the Kundalika Activity and Campsite


– The Kundalika boating camp is the ideal decision for anybody hoping to enjoy experience in the green getaways of nature! Situated at only a few of hour’s drive from Mumbai, it is the favored hotspot for every one of those anxious to get away from the frantic surge of the city. 


– The Kundalika boating camp gives you an uncommon occasion to connect with yourself in a large number of experience exercises in the drawing in organization of nature. As you bring a peaceful drive down to the campground, you can register and enjoy the magnificence of nature while chomping on some yummy bites and reviving tea. Sustain yourself and leave on an immense scope of exercises like kayaking, stream ski, and bows and arrows! 


– Get your worn out however energized selves back to the campground and relish a tasty supper prior to considering it an evening. The following day enjoys boating and different exercises post breakfast. 


Things To Carry 


  • Additional pair of garments 
  • Traveling shoes 
  • Sunscreen cream 
  • Shades 
  • Water bottle 
  • Cap or cap 
  • Individual toiletries and essential medicine (assuming any) 
  • Streak light (with save batteries) 
  • Bug repellent and crisis clinical unit 


Situated at a simple distance of roughly 121km from Mumbai and 114km from Pune, Kolad is the ideal end of the week escape for all the boating lovers searching for a nerve exciting encounter. While here, you will pontoon between two dams under the course and control of experts who have a dependable measure of boating experience at Rishikesh as are expertly capable to direct your 2-3-hour boating in Kolad. 


Kundalika boating is done over a stretch of around 12-13km by taking you through various degrees of evaluations. Be that as it may, with experienced aides there isn’t anything to stress over regardless of whether it is your first time or you are somebody who doesn’t have a clue how to swim. The two evaluations that you’ll experience are: 


Evaluation I: The fun just starts! Along these lines, gear up your paddles and skim your pontoon through the harsh streaming waters according to the guidance of your guide. Guarantee that you are prepared with all the security gears (like fix your buoys, protective cap and guarantee you are appropriately holding your paddle) while paddling through these evaluations in light of the fact that the waterway campaign is going to get somewhat uneven from here. 


Evaluation II: This evaluation invites you by seething white water as you blissfully advance in the midst of the beautiful rich green milieu of the Kundalika waterway. This level makes for an energizing just as exciting boating experience. 


Stream Rafting at Kundalika


Kundalika waterway boating isn’t just about sitting, thundering and appreciating the adventure of uneven rides as you move from one fast onto another. Kindness, the administration and the specialists, you will bounce into the stream water and furthermore swim in it, thus, imagine a scenario where you don’t know swimming or fear water. 


Extraordinary compared to other end of the week excursions from Mumbai and Pune, Kundalika waterway boating is an adrenaline siphoning experience that works like an enchantment on your soul.


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