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Limestone 101 – All You Need To Learn Before Building A Limestone Retaining Wall

When it comes to building retaining walls, limestone walls are probably the best at establishing boundaries around your home. In case you’ve decided or in the process of deciding whether to use limestone for building a retaining wall, then going through this comprehensive report will answer all of your questions quickly. 

You must learn that even though the process may look simple, what counts is the company that you’re hiring to complete your building procedure. Experience and skill are the two most vital qualities that you should be looking for when hiring your retaining wall construction contractor. 

What To Know Before Building Retaining Walls In Australia?

As per the legislation of Western Australia, retaining walls will not carry the same definition as diving fences and thereby will require different requirements. When you decide to install a retaining wall, the wall should be wholly constructed within the boundary of your own property. 

If you’re installing the wall beyond your property’s boundary, then it’s a good idea to obtain the consent of the adjoining landlord or landowner. 

Once you’ve discussed your prospect of building a retaining wall with your neighbor (s), then it’s time to obtain the development and building permits for the same. Moreover, you also need to draft an agreement with your neighbors, so that any damages or liability will be borne by either or both (as per the agreement terms & conditions). 

After your permission has been approved, then only you can go ahead with the building project. 

Why Should You Choose Limestone For Building Your Retaining Walls?

Apart from looking great, limestone retaining wall designs are also perfectly suited to the weather of Australia. These stones are durable and thereby can effortlessly withstand the drop in winter temperatures as well as scorching summer heat, for years at a stretch.

As a result, you can expect limestone to be a very cost-effective material for building retaining walls. 

Furthermore, you should understand that limestone requires a very low amount of maintenance. And the neutral color palette of the stone can easily blend in with any environment of your choice. There’s also the option to customize your retaining walls, if you want to make a statement, to your guests and neighbors. 

You can find limestone blocks in all shapes and sizes. This feature makes limestone ideal to be laid in a number of different layouts. 

Therefore, if you’re planning on building a limestone for our home, we can definitely help you out. Our experts will be able to advise you on your possible options and thereby discuss the best possible scenario to match your budget & requirements. 

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