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List of Best Selling Toyota Cars in UAE

The Middle East is the hub for the world’s most luxurious, famous, and high-end cars. Almost every automotive manufacturer tries its best to stay at the top in the UAE market. However, the brand Toyota claims the first position in the distribution of sales with 33.1%. 

Toyota is the biggest automaker in the world. It provides consistent quality and the latest models each year. This automobile company has been producing vehicles that are stylish, highly functional, and have an impressive fuel economy. 

If you have ever wondered what are the best selling Toyota cars in the Emirates, then welcome to this article! We have compiled a list of the company’s vehicles which are the favorites of the UAE residents. You can find them in second-hand cars for sale in the UAE if you can not afford the new models.

Toyota Camry

Camry tops the list of the most liked Toyota cars in the UAE. Almost all the taxis in the Middle East are Camry’s. It is undoubtedly one of the best 5 cars in the UAE. Toyota Camry has been selling internationally to many other countries too ever since it was manufactured in 1982. 

Toyota Camry Hybrid. Luxury sedan

This midsize sedan is everything that a person needs. Automotive enthusiasts have seen various versions of this car and even more, versions have yet to be released. However, the Camry Hybrid was very well-received. It includes a wide range of features such as big 15-inch alloy wheels, LED fog lights, a navigation system, power recline back seats, a 12-speaker JBL music system, 9 SRS airbags, and a wireless smartphone charger. 

It is powered by a 2.5-liter petrol engine along with an electric motor. The fuel efficiency is 19.16 kmpl and the power output is 205PS. It’s clear that the Toyota Camry is a perfect blend of style, luxury, fuel economy, and technological functions. The price is affordable enough for an average salary person to buy it. This is why it’s a favorite car among consumers. 

Each year, three different models are introduced in the UAE. They all have a bit of difference in the specifications and price tags too so that all the preferences of customers are met. 

Toyota Corolla

Toyota is not only famous in the UAE with the Camry. This is because Toyota Corolla, the compact sedan, comes second in line. The compact car created by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota is popular in the UAE due to similar reasons why Camry is liked. 

Toyota Corolla 2020 launched in UAE - PakWheels Blog

Toyota Corolla is a smooth saloon vehicle having an outstanding exterior, technological features, dependability, high-class cabin space, and amazing fuel economy. Same as Camry, Toyota Corolla arrives with three models in the UAE each year. They are all slightly different from each other. 

It is the perfect car for your family members. It is fueled by a 1.8 liter, 4 cylinder engine. All of the Corolla models are recognized for the innovation, latest technology, and safety features such as automatic high beams, lane-keeping system, automated emergency braking, and more. 

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Other functions are variable intermittent windshield wipers, headlight integrated LED daytime running lights, and in-glass AM/FM antenna. The approximate price of the Toyota Corolla is AED 70,000 to 80,000. 

Toyota Land Cruiser

Land cruiser needs no introduction or detail because it is a heartthrob of almost every automotive geek. This car is the king of every type of terrain. It is an SUV that is by far the most reliable in its car segment. 

Boasting off-road abilities, tough construction, and sophistication, it is the ultimate SUV. You can take on all types of travels and road adventures with this powerful vehicle. Although the car has an ancient history in the automotive industry, it keeps getting better and better. 

Toyota's 2020 Land Cruiser tears into the UAE – here's a look at the brand new model | The National

Almost all the rich Emiratis own one Land Cruiser. 

So this concludes the best cars from the market-leading brand Toyota. Other Toyota vehicles most liked in the UAE are Hilux and Prado. You can view their latest models on CarSwitch which is also the best place to sell any car in Dubai. We boast all the cars and versions of the Toyota company along with other big automotive brands.

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