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Luxurious Engagement Rings with Trendy Designs

Did you know the first diamond engagement ring can be traced back to the late 1400s? However, engagement diamond rings didn’t gain popularity among the masses until the mid-1900s. The trend of engagement rings primarily started among the European aristocracy and nobility. But enough about ancient proposals. You must be here scouting for the perfect engagement rings. Then congratulations are in order for the official couple to be

Preparing for a proposal is exciting but at the same time, finding the perfect engagement rings is quite a task. One has to keep in mind a lot of factors while looking for engagement rings; what metal would you prefer, what kind of diamond you or your partner want, what would be the size of the stone or diamond etc. But don’t be intimidated because you can find the ring you want among the vast collection of engagement rings offered at Mia by Tanishq!

14kt Yellow Gold Forever and Ever Finger Ring

This yellow gold ring with an infinite symbol adorned with diamonds is expertly designed. This lovely item will match perfectly with somediamond stud earrings! It will make for an excellent engagement ring as this item comes from our Finest Core line.

14kt Yellow Gold & Diamond Finger Sing – Creation of Nature

This magnificent finger ring, which has equidistant panels wrapped in 14kt gold and embellished with diamonds, is an example of modern craftsmanship. This ready-to-go engagement ring can be ideal for your upcoming date to a rooftop restaurant or the beach.

Love-Struck 14kt Gold Finger Ring

This ring is made especially for her and has components that are just as subtle and adorable as she is. The centrepiece is surrounded by a gold and diamond halo. She will be charmed by the bow’s intricate addition.

18 Kt Rose Gold Half Eternity Diamond Ring

A straightforward yet stunning half-eternity ring made of 18 Karat rose gold, with a row of magnificent round diamonds, where each bezel is set with a milgrain finish. You can wear this as a wedding ring or as an eternity band. However, it can be a stunning option for an engagement ring.

14 Kt Dazzling White Gold and Diamond Ring

This magnificent ring is created to make your fingers glow wherever you go. Dazzle every step of the way. This engagement ring has a strong gold band and brilliant diamonds. The diamond is I2 in clarity.

Significance of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a promise of marriage and continued commitment in future between the couple. It is an official announcement of the wedding. You must have come across grand proposals at Eiffel Tower on the internet or dinners at a fancy restaurant, and you must have noticed that there are always two stars of the show, the surprised bride-to-be, and a beautiful engagement ring!

Engagement rings have been a symbol of trust in a relationship from the beginning. However, if we trace back to the history of wearing engagement rings in India, it was worn by women upon receiving a dowry for marriage. But in the present time, it is more of a romantic gesture which is nevertheless highly awaited and enjoyed. Rings symbolise infinity, a circle with no end or beginning. Similarly, engagement rings signify a promise of eternal love, which makes them even more special.

Find Your Perfect Match of Engagement Rings at Mia by Tanishq.

Mia by Tanishq can be the ideal option when choosing a ring for your special someone. Mia by Tanishq will do justice to your ethereal love with their masterfully crafted rings that graciously adorn the hands of your partner for a lifetime because it is believed that matches are made in heaven.

Happiness is just around the corner when browsing through Mia by Tanishq’s website. Find timeless and tasteful rings that meet all the points on your checklist at one stop shop. Gift your partner a promise of a brighter tomorrow with their shiny diamond rings.

Put a ring on that finger by adding more sparkle to your love with Mia by Tanishq!


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