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Magento – Some Major Facts to Know About Magento eCommerce Store

Magento is one of the leading E-Commerce platforms available, and it has gained a lot of popularity after getting launched. There are multiple development platforms already available, but the best part about Magento is that it is open-source, easy to avail, and also the features and functions available are amazing. Earlier, the E-Commerce industry was lacking the availability of a quality platform through which they can easily showcase the production services perfectly. But with the help of the Magento platform, it is easier to participate in the online industry and give your business an online presence as well. The functionalities available at Magento are perfect for an online store.

This amazing platform has undoubtedly opened plenty of opportunities for online merchants as well as developers and agencies. Just like other platforms, Magento has also faced ups and downs, but still, it is working amazingly. Even sometimes people face difficulty while working on this platform. The ownership of this platform change multiple times, and also, there are several updates that made. But still, Magento has stood firmly against all the challenges and proved it to be the highest quality eCommerce platform. In the past few years, the demand for Magento development companies has enhanced a lot. Considering all the factors, here we are going to provide some of the unique factors of this platform.

Magento powers 1.2% of the web.

One of the major factors about Magento is that 1.2 % of the websites are based on this platform. Yes, which platform is particularly designed with the motive to set up the online stores, and then it takes 12% of the market share of the E-Commerce websites. It is one of the most amazing and features rich CMS platforms available for developing online stores. Additionally, as compared to the other stores, it is far better in terms of relevancy features functionalities, and extensions as well.

Online Stores Usually Prefer To Use Magento

Another amazing fact about Magento is that it is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. Yes, most of the store merchants, startups, execute is available at a global level give it the most priority. There are more than 250000 online stores using the Magento CMS. And also, the way in which the online store owners are inclining towards this platform is also one of the major reasons for its growth and popularity. In the last year, the number of websites using Magento CMS has doubled up genuinely. And the major reason is that the users do not need to install any other application, just like WordPress and woocommerce. It is particularly and specifically designed for E-Commerce stores with advanced functionalities like extensive customization, user experience, advanced security, store, and others.

Wide Collection Of Themes And Extensions

There is a collection of extensions available at Magento. Yes, at this platform, you can get more than 9000 extensions, and half of them are developed for the earlier versions while the rest of the available ones are for the newest that is Magento 2 version. With the help of these extensions, the web development of online eCommerce stores becomes easier and simple as well. This is one of the important facts that attract the developers, either they are beginners or experts. Yes, if you are also a beginner Magento developer, then also you can use this extension to develop the online store. Extensions do not only help in easy development but also save a lot of time and budget as well. It is a great practice that helps in getting a solution that is effective, secure, and quick at the same time. Apart from this, there is a huge collection of themes available in this official marketplace. It is an amazing option available for all those users who are willing to get a theme that is tested and approved by the experts of the platform.

Huge Community

There is a huge community of testers, developers, and professionals available at these platforms who are contributing in large numbers for serving other Magento users. Yes, they are also providing their assistance to the merchant who is willing to complete the store development process from scratch. Apart from this, if someone is willing to add any particular feature or improving the user experience of their existing store, then also they can help the people available in the community. The facts available at Magento are quite convincing for all the owners of the E-Commerce store. Apart from this, the secure open-source code in the presence of the big community makes it a handful for the users to handle their stores. Quality support is actually available for the merchants, service providers, and sellers as well.

Big Brands Are Using Magento

The scalability of this platform makes it an amazing auction for all business enterprises, including the small, medium big, and corporate as well. It is one of the major reasons that multinational brands love to power their online stores with this incredible Magento platform. The features available on this platform are the major reason for its beauty, and also there are major brands available having online stores available on this platform. If you are also willing to manage the web presence, then you can hire Magento developers for all the works. It is actually a perfect platform for the B2B process as well.


The above-mentioned facts are the reasons that attract several owners of online stores around the world. With the help of these facts, it will be easy for you to decide that actually you need Magento or not. Magento is undoubtedly an amazing CMS secure platform; it will help you out in handling simple to scale operations, is the user interface, and smooth navigation as well.

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