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Modern Farmhouse: 5 Amazing Interior Ideas

The love for modern farmhouse among home buyers nowadays is not a surprise. The warmth, elegance, and beauty of a farmhouse have made almost everyone a fan for sure. Although when you buy or build your dream modern farmhouse, you don’t just get everything perfect already. It is you who can truly bring out the best of your home by choosing and decorating your house with the right interior.

However, for a homeowner, even after having so many plans for your house, sometimes the home designing can go completely wrong. To avoid this, what you need do to is look for some of the common yet popular farmhouse interior ideas so that you can be sure of what you should do.

Luckily for you, here we are going to discuss 5 such modern farmhouse interior ideas that you should surely consider for your home. Go through the following points for more.


  • Go For Neutral Color Palette

neutral color plates

Yes, there are so many choices in colors available for home designs these days. But for your farmhouse, true perfection can be achieved with neutral colors only. Bright and calming colors are the main features of a modern farmhouse that sets it apart from the other homes. Besides, the more bright colors you use, the more you can highlight the decorative pieces and materials in the room.

Neutral colors can not only blend in perfectly but keep the entire look of your home tied together giving your house a more complete and balanced appearance. In case, you have a compact home, white walls can make your space look bigger and less clumsy too. It will prove very beneficial when you put your farmhouse for sale in the future.


  • Choose More Sophisticated Materials

stylish material

When it comes to your home elements, for your modern farmhouse, industrial decor choices are ideal. The use of reclaimed wood, white marble countertops, and industrial metals more will truly make your home a farmhouse. You can play with other ideas as well if you want but for a dedicated farmhouse interior, sophistication is the key.

Along with this, you can and should use as many natural elements as you can. For example, keep more plants on the balcony, living room, and even your bedroom if you got enough space. Even if you decide to go for more city-like materials, make sure you balance it out with some dominating industrial decor to create a soothing balance between the two.


  • Use Effective And Attractive Storage Solutions

creative storage

Another important and amazing thing to note about the farmhouse interior is the attractive storage solutions. Farmhouse designs offer very clean and pleasing storage and organization spaces to the homeowners. When you build your house, you can either look it up on the internet or hire a professional designer to help you create effective storage.

One of the major highlights of farmhouse storage solutions is open-shelves. You can install open-shelves in your living room and decorate them with pictures, books, plants, and more. There is wooden wall storage for farmhouse bathrooms as well that you could choose. Apart from this, there are kitchen cupboards, tiny key holders, etc.


  • Don’t Hesitate From Mix-Matching A Little

mix match

Gone are the traditional home designing and building methods that were only limited to a certain way. Modern-day designers embrace and promote imperfections that can give your home a rather more unique look. If there is a trend that has been accepted and popularized the most in home-designing lately it is experimenting with the interior.

But keep this in mind, that mix-matching doesn’t mean you go after any design you find blindly. For a farmhouse theme house, use the farmhouse interior materials and style as mentioned above. But add some small but noticeable elements that are different than farmhouse style to create a different and imperfect but charming style.


  • Install More Industrial Lighting

industrial lights

Lastly, the lighting fixtures of your modern farmhouse is very crucial for the overall look. If you don’t use the right lighting, the other elements will not be highlighted as much as you would like. For those who are planning for a complete farmhouse look, you can install industrial lighting all over the house.

The reason industrial lighting might work for you is that these are made to complement farmhouse designs. There are plenty of industrial design ideas out there for you to explore and make your choices from. You just have to make sure that you choose harsh and soft lights carefully.



These given modern farmhouse interior ideas are just a few of many interesting concepts that you could choose for your modern farmhouse. Other than these, you can choose contrast colors, more natural fibers, and a lot more. In case you are getting a theater room in your farmhouse, here’s how can shop for it. As far as your home-building is concerned, call Diggs Custom Homes. They are a team of professional custom home builders who can help you with your modern farmhouse home project.

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