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Negative Vs Positive Waterproofing – Know The Differences

There’s no denying that protecting your home or buildings from any type of negative water pressure is always a tricky task. But, if you know the proper method, it’s still doable because the method needs to be followed with care and attention.┬á

It should be perceived that waterproofing is generally done on the positive side of water pressure because itÔÇÖs easy to perform, highly successful, and will be done without spending much. But, on the other hand, roof maintenance in Auckland points out that negative waterproofing can also be carried out with the ideal products & chemicals.┬á

What Is The Difference Between Negative & Positive Waterproofing?

If the water pressure is presented from the inner or upper side of the concrete, such as in swimming pools, then the concept is said to be positive waterproofing. On the flip side, if the water pressure is presented from the outer side of the concrete, then the same is said to be negative water pressure. 

In most cases, positive waterproofing is done, such as in places like bathrooms, water tanks, terraces or balcony, basements, and the like. The main reason behind this is that – if some damage occurs, then it would be easy to fix since youÔÇÖll have access to the side on which damage has been inflicted.┬á

What Are The Problems That You May Face With Negative Waterproofing?

Some of the significant issues that you might face with negative waterproofing are:

  • Leakages.
  • Dampness.

How Water Reaches Your Walls Or Basement?

In case you notice any signs of damp or water patches, either inside your basement or on your walls, the first thing that you should be doing is to identify the source of the water first. Drainage systems are always main culprits and you should ensure that there are no leaks.

Some of the other reasons may include cracks in the basement walls, floor or even windows. Thus, itÔÇÖs your duty to ensure that the windows of your basements are above the ground and proper sealing is done to avoid water seepage. Moreover, basement flooding should be avoided especially in the rainy season.┬á

Why Is It So Challenging To Treat Negative Waterproofing?

When negative water pressure takes place, water usually enters through bricks and/or concrete, thereby penetrating the plaster surfaces. Using waterproof coating or using a thicker coat of plaster will not be the solution because eventually it will get cracked over time. 

Therefore, itÔÇÖs quite impossible to treat negative waterproofing, which is why positive waterproofing is the way to go.┬á

And with that concludes our extensive discussion on the two significant types of waterproofing. If you’re need of professional waterproofing services, be sure to let us know. We’d be glad to provide you with our support.┬á

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