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The 10 Most Common Roof Problems You’ll Encounter

As a homeowner, one of the most major jobs you can take on is maintaining your home’s roof. Perhaps just because you can’t see, or it just doesn’t come to your mind, it’s one of those tasks that you can easily overlook or forget. Moreover, most people assume that they will be able to spot any roof problem once it appears. However, that’s not the case after all. The fact of the hour is that even the professionals with extensive training can even miss some of the roof problems. When it comes to finding the most common roof problems to fix them through a Roofer Installation in Aurora CO, you’ll need hands-on experience, extensive training, and skills to find if there was ever one roof problem. However, to save the structure of your house, you will need to spot these problems right in the beginning. 

Here are some of the common problems you should look out for.

Roofer Installation in Aurora CO For Roof Leaks

Perhaps the most common roofing problem people face is a leaking roof. There are a plethora of factors that cause a leaking roof, including broken shingles, cracked flashing, slate, or tile. Usually, roof leaks tend to take place:

  • In valleys or low spots
  • At skylights
  • Near the pipes
  • At flashing points
  • Close to ducts or chimneys
  • Under damaged shingles
  • Near the gutters

You should instantly contact a roofing specialist whenever you see any signs of roofing leaks.

Small Animals

These tiny critters, as annoying as they can be, can appear in your roof or attic. For instance, it can be a bat, mice, squirrel, rat, or raccoon. Perhaps one of the most usual signs is chomped-up wires, sounds, or their feces. Moreover, it would help if you clean them up as soon as possible as it can be a severe health hazard. 

Weak Repairs

You should make sure that the roofer you hired must use the materials of the highest quality during the roofer repair service in Denver CO. One of the most commonly found reasons for potential roof problems is that the roofing contractors choose totally inappropriate material for the purpose or they incorrectly use the plastic roof cement. Plastic roof cement can also be harmful to single-ply sheaths, so make sure your roofing service providers are using the proper gear, or you could end up with even more worry and financial expenditure.

Lack Of Maintenance

It would be good in the long term if you get your roof inspected at least once a year. Moreover, you should consider hiring an expert to inspect your roof, particularly after any heavy storms or high winds. There are several things that can go entirely wrong with your roof. Thus, it’s good to take care of it on a regular basis. Perhaps one of the most common signs of an overlooked roof is sagging, mold, or huge holes.

Pooled Water

Another matter that you must look out for closely is little ponds of water on top of the roof or pooled water, as it can cause irreparable damage to your roof in the long run. One good way to deal with this issue is by forming tapered areas on the surface of the rooftop. The water will runoff from your roof through these small slopes. That way, you can keep your roof safe from any water damage.

Tree Damage

One of the easiest ways for creatures to get a free-flowing entry into your home or roof is through those hanging branches on your roof. These branches can also damage the shingles of the top in case they are touching the ceiling. Moreover, the chances are your roof will have to bear the consequences through a considerable amount of moss according to the quantity of the shade of these branches. Also, your gutter can get clogged if you don’t clear the falling leaves. 

Wind-Related Issues

If you don’t give due attention to the flashing, seams, and shingles of your roof, they can get blown off or could get uplifted due to high winds. As with all the features of a Roofer Installation in Aurora CO you can protect your roof against these problems by getting the job done correctly.


To enhance a roof’s life, roof and gutter repairs brisbane attic ventilation play a vital part. Moreover, your roof will last longer when the vents are located near the base of your roof or near the ridge. That way, the cool air will be drawn through the bottom, and the warm air can pass through the top. Since warm air certainly rises, no automated procedure is essential to make this air movement. Sufficient ventilation controls temperature and dampness altitudes in the attic. When you leave it abandoned, the humidity and heat can build up to damage the shingles, sheathing, rafters, insulation, and also increase electricity bills. Moreover, it can also lead to the build-up of mildew and moss.

Cracking And Blistering

It’s common for roofs to develop ridges, cracks, and blisters over time. And the probability of spotting this damage depends mainly on the sort of rooftop you have got. Residential roofs are tops made of numerous coatings that shelter a somewhat smooth surface, and are most vulnerable to cracking and blistering.

Lifted Shingles

In case you spot any lifted shingles alongside your roof, there’s a slight chance that you can put it back in place. One thing you should certainly make sure of is that there’s no moss. These usually come from any severe rainstorms. Perhaps it’s time for a roofer repair service in Denver CO if there are too many lifted shingles on your roof.

One of the most effective ways to deal with any sort of roof damage is by working with a well-known roofer like Colorado Roofing Company. We have a team of licensed, trained, and experienced roofers who can take on any complex roofing task. Therefore, contact us now by calling at 303-329-6363 or get in touch through our website, and we’ll instantly get on with your roofing job.

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