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Properly Leveling Your RV

For any new or experienced RV owner, there are always a few things that you need to master before embarking on your next RV trip. Owning an RV can be an exciting and fun experience, but you must do the necessary precautionary measures to prevent potential issues.

The fun of owning and driving an RV is the accessibility you now have to go to many different places. With the variety of places you can take your RV also comes with different terrain, unkept camping sites, and unstable grounds. This means you need to properly and safely level your RV at any given spot you decide to set up camp. If not properly leveled, it could result in some issues.

Why You Need to Properly Level Your RV
First, let’s talk about the reason for leveling an RV. Leveling is a process that ensures your vehicle is stationed on a stable ground throughout the entire length of the vehicle. This process helps everything inside and outside of your RV to run smoothly.

Plus, parking your mobile home on unstable ground could result in your RV being positioned on a slant, thus creating a slight incline. No one wants to have to hold onto the walls and counters just to walking inside the RV. By not having a leveled RV, your fridge won’t be able to work at it’s fullest potential, risking spoiling food and beverages.

Even the beds inside the RV may be positioned off-kilter, calling for some pretty unhappy campers. By failing to properly level your RV, it could sacrifice the comfort or even safety of sleeping or lounging around the RV.

Properly stabilizing your RV also goes hand in hand with leveling your RV. One cannot be done without the other, so it’s important to correctly perform both tasks when setting up camp. Stabilizing keeps the vehicle steady when people are walking in and out of the RV, as well as keeps it safe from high winds in case of inclement weather.

Everything that goes into correctly leveling and stabilizing your RV is fairly simple once you’ve got the process down pat, but to do everything correctly, you need a few necessary tools to get the job done.

Necessary Tools for RV Leveling

1. Bubble Levels
Some RV’s come automatically with bubble levels to help you see how unlevel or level your vehicle is. This will also show you which side of the RV needs to be lowered or raised.

2. RV leveling jacks
This type of tool is typically used for bigger RVs. They can help level the RV while also making it easier and safe to walk around inside the vehicle. RV leveling jacks make for a great, versatile tool to help with the entire leveling process.

3. Leveling blocks
Leveling blocks are used to raise a certain side of the RV. Simply place the level blocks under whichever tires need leveling and slightly drive the vehicle into them to lock it in place. Depending on the vehicle, you might need a few leveling blocks to do the job.

Once you master the art of leveling and stabilizing your RV, you’ll be all set to go and have a safe and fun camping experience with your whole family. If this might seem overwhelming, don’t worry, it only gets better with practice!

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