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Protect Your Website From DDOS Attacks With France Dedicated Server


In the online sphere, you would have probably about online attacks quite often. That is why it becomes paramount to secure your website along with your web hosting platform if you want to experience long-lasting performance. A dedicated server in France is an apt solution for your business website. However, given the prevalence of attacks such as DDoS, you must take precautions in safeguarding your sensitive data. You must protect your server against hackers who aim to infect it with malware and ransomware or use it for illegal purposes. 

When you operate a France dedicated server, you are automatically provided with high-end service when it comes to protection. Still often it is best to stay extra alert regarding those measures. This post will highlight some of the factors you can implement in your web hosting experience to fundamentally secure your website.

What are DDOS Attacks?

In recent years the majority of websites are getting more and more concerned about DDoS attacks. This type of attack can harm your website and potentially hurt your business reputation largely. A distributed denial of service attack is commonly used intentionally to send a lot of traffic to one particular website. The purpose is to overwhelm your website’s servers with a high volume of traffic so it becomes impossible to handle or manage it. 

This type of attack can result in a sudden website crashing or it going offline. It can also steal or exploit your website content by corrupting it; this will negatively influence the website in delivering reasonable responses to user requests. 

In a scenario of DDoS attacks, the attacker attempts to bring down your web hosting service by flooding your website with fake traffic volumes. Typically, when a website gets targeted like that, it goes down in a few moments. Because the high volume of traffic utilizes the bandwidth allotment and overwhelms your hosting server’s infrastructure.

Tools That You Can Use to Protect Your Website From DDOS Attacks

Tools That You Can Use to Protect Your Website From DDOS Attacks

Virtual Private Networks

When you use a VPN for your website, it will get connected to an external well-protected server. Therefore, all the traffic incoming to your website will get redirected to this secured server that employs an encrypted connection to hide your website’s related activities. With the reliable solution of a robust VPN service, you can defend your website from the unwanted attention of hackers.

Another critical element of using a VPN service is its benefit to provide anonymity. By hiding your IP address, your website will stay out of reach from online attacks. In the circumstance of DDoS attacks, this factor becomes hugely important. Most of the time, a hacker will try to target your IP address to get easy access to your website. That is why VPN is a secure and well-protected tool to defend your website as well as your web hosting server.


There are now several plugins available in the market that could effectively defend you from a DDoS attack. When you use a WordPress website, you are automatically provided with security plugins that can counter a DDoS attack. Besides, they can also optimize your website to lessen the danger or the potential of DDoS from happening. Having said that, we must notify you that when using certain plugins you need to stay extra careful. 

Most of the time, these types of plugins are still in the development phase used by web developers. That is why sometimes they will lack the full potential to safeguard your website extensively. We advise you to use some of the most well-known plugins, which also have positive feedback.

Strategies to Use The Tool to Protect Your Website With DDOS attacks

Use High Benchmark Server Surveillance Technique

With all the advanced solutions of protection and tools like plugins, you will have a strong support system to defend your website. However, your individual expertise is by the far the best tool to utilize against DDoS attacks. That is stay mindful of certain signs that could indicate potential danger. 

For instance, since you are operating your website, you must know the typical traffic flow. Therefore when you see some pages taking more than 2 seconds to display or there is a delay in response on your website, it can signify a DDoS attack.

As a website owner, you need to take a regular review of all the working components of your website. Try to perform a complete survey in a couple of months of the entire system and look for faults that could jeopardize the website. If you detect any technical problems, attempt to immediately resolve them so that they cannot turn into something major. 

You have to stay familiar with your website as well as your service provider. Right from the start of your web hosting service, review all of the safety measures implemented to secure your website.

Avoid Actively Going Toward The Problems

The safety of your website depends on your shoulders; however, to safeguard your operations often you will try and seek an assessment of your service. A common technique is to see if your precautionary tools are working suitably or not. We would strongly advise you to not do this, implying you must not seek out conflict on purpose. 

The hackers and attackers aiming today to search out weak websites are always up for a challenge. Therefore, you must make every effort to divert attention from falling for their tricks. You ought to simply dismiss or skip over threatening observations you notice. Also avoid going to web pages that could potentially infect your system, with the sense of security tools defending your website sometimes website owners take matters lightly.

Utilize a Buffer

Often you will require a service or a tool that can easily bear the stain of a DDoS attack. As we said before, in DDoS your website gets flooded with high volumes of traffic, and a buffer will in such instances put a pause on the excessive consumption of your resources. Even if you are not attacked but generally experience high fluctuations of traffic, this tool will help out to ease the high demand of workload effectively. 

We advise you to stay prepared and verify first the server’s capabilities. 

If you assume that your web hosting server could not handle the demand, then it is time for a suitable upgrade. Having said that, we also like to note that, it won’t completely defend you from attacks, but it will offer some resolution and time to combat cybercriminals. 

Besides, you have to take the necessary time to explore some products that can function as a buffer or defense for your website. In response to fluctuating traffic patterns, a buffer will work to relieve some of the stress on your server. With these considerations here are some more strategies that can help you respond actively.

  • When you concluded what and who you are fighting against, it is best to examine and verify all of the factors involved in the process, mainly your traffic flow.
  • We advise you to use any type of tool or solution you contain on your server to assist in effectively managing the traffic.
  • Try to find out the root cause of the problem and then actively try to shut off the sources used by the attacker.
  • Try to change or modify your IP address for a temporary period, this will help in diverting the attention of the attacker.
  • Contact immediately your service provider to find out what they can help you with when an attack happens.
  • When all the measure fails, we recommend you turn off your web servers. This will take down your website but that attacks won’t be able further damage your website or use your sensitive data for their benefit.
  • Try to learn more about such attacks and improve your technical skills when these types of assaults occur.

Hostbillo Offers a Best Dedicated Server Hosting in France With DDOS Protection

Hostbillo Offers a Best Dedicated Server Hosting in France With DDOS Protection

Your greatest option for protecting your website is a dependable and trustworthy supplier. A DDoS mitigation service is now required due to a large number of internet attacks. These attacks have the potential to endanger your business’s everyday operations. We can say with absolute certainty that Hostbillo hosting services are a solid foundation for your France dedicated server after a thorough investigation.

Having strong defenses that will effectively protect your website from DDoS attacks becomes essential when it comes to security measures. Hostbillo provides clients from many industries with a premium web hosting experience and therefore gets renowned for its top-notch service and security.

For example, if you choose Hostbillo’s web hosting services in France, you will immediately have full root access to the complete server. When you have this capability, you can quickly create, customize, modify, and adapt the configuration and resources to match your requirements. 

Further, you must choose Hostbillo’s budget-friendly services if you’re looking for a cheap dedicated server France that will protect you against DDoS attacks.

Other Benefits That Give a Hostbillo With its France Dedicated Server Plans 

  • The ability to select the operating system for both your site and the complete server is a significant benefit of Hostbiilo’s France dedicated server. Moreover, Hostbillo offers appropriate control panels that are efficient and simple to use.
  • With its quick and dependable internet access, Hostbillo’s dedicated server France offers you to experience quick page loads. They guarantee their customer backup power and sophisticated connectivity which can transfer data safely.
  • Convenient database access and robust email account management are effective benefits of a France dedicated server from Hostbillo.
  • Besides, you will receive more storage and superior bandwidth services. As a result, all of your online activity will be carefully monitored and protected.


When your website gets targeted by an attacker in the form of a DDoS attack, it can leave damaging impacts on the entire system. That is why it comes imperative for you to take matters into your own hands and resolve these issues effectively. This article tries to emphasize how important it is to defend your website from DDoS attacks. We have shared some of the key strategies and tools that will enable you to defend your platform against such assaults.

Having said that, it is equally important for you to take services from a reliable service provider. For this reason, we have suggested Hostbillo’s France dedicated server France. 

They provide a number of the most cost-effective yet reliable security solutions. We would also like to remind you that you must educate yourself further on this subject, as most of the time it becomes fundamentally your duty to safeguard your website from all ends.

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