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Reasons for Worse Look of the Carpet Post Cleaning

Have your found your carpet disgusting after cleaning? It is quite common as a number of owners experience this issue on a daily basis. Actually you should know that stains and spots possess a tendency to reappear on the surface of the carpet after cleaning if the task isnÔÇÖt done in proper manner and with professionalism.

This blog entails all the possible reasons for this occurrence. Along with the solution we will also let you know the importance of professional carpet cleaning method. So, letÔÇÖs start reading.

Top reasons for ruining the look of your carpet

Only 2 reasons are there for the persistence of stains on the carpetÔÇÖs surface after extensive shampooing and scrubbing namely- residue and wicking. Check each oneÔÇÖs manifestation and the difference between them from below.

  • Wicking

Wicking stains are really deep and emerge from the carpetÔÇÖs core. Observing such stain on the carpet means its pad; back and fibre get soiled completely. As scrubbing is the only way out to deal such tough stain it leads to excess usage of water to rinse well.

As a result, the stained spot gets saturated and by obtaining adequate moisture it reaches to its back and pad. Once water can make its way through the stain it gets discoloured and spread the dirt outwards leaving a fresh and clean masterpiece behind.

In case the stain is extremely deep then the stain will persist there on its surface even after trying out rinsing consecutively for a few times. Once it gets dried up completely the stain of dirty water will wick to its top surface making the entire appearance ugly.

Wicking is the mail guilt for reappearing of the spots on the carpetÔÇÖs surface. Basically it is the outcome of over saturation and rinsing of back, pad and fibres of the carpet.

  • Residue

Although the stains of the residue are shallow yet it forms from the fabric of the carpet. Basically it is the remaining of the detergents you have used for cleaning it. This type of stain is obvious if you have cleaned the carpet by traditional cleaning and rinsing method.

In the end, it will definitely leave the residue of shampoo, soap and detergent in the carpet which will influence the breeding of mildew. Afterwards it will start attracting all sorts of dust and dirt. As a result, soon it will become a nightmare to use in the high-trafficked area because stepping on it with shoes makes the fabric dirty due to impression of dirt and soil.

Moreover, as long as you will prefer traditional cleaning method for your carpet the residue will not be able to remove completely. Even after vacuuming it will end up with staining and spotting here and there.

In such instance you have to tackle the residual issue in case the stain persists for a long period of time post-cleaning. The truth is it simply occurs due to the conventional carpet cleaning method you use for making your carpet clean.

A number of other reasons are also hampering the looks of the carpet after cleaning. Most of the time, it occurs due to the left over residue or wicking. But there is nothing to worry about as you can easily get rid of it with the help of scrubbing and shampooing.

Both of these tricks assist in retaining the pristine condition of the carpets by diminishing the spots. ThatÔÇÖs why you should deal the dirty carpet by a professional cleaner. Look for a ÔÇśreputed company of carpet cleaning near meÔÇÖ online so that you can make it clean with professional hands without hampering its original look and condition.

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