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The Ultimate Ducted Heating and Air Conditioning Guide

Split-system air conditioners are great. Split system air conditioners offer affordable heating and cooling solutions that can provide remarkable comfort for one room or living space. What about the rest of your house? You won’t be able to stay awake in the heat or cold the outside of your air conditioning is only for the living area Brisbane Ducted Air Conditioning.

Ducted air conditioning can help. The ducted air conditioner is the ultimate form of climate control. The benefits are available for all family members, regardless of their location. How is it done? And how expensive is it?

Let’s take an in-depth look at it:

Ducted air conditioning?

Ducted AC gives you climate control for as many rooms as possible. A ducted system consists of an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit centralized under the floor. A series of concealed air conduits run from the central unit to the subtle vents all around the home and provide the desired cool or warm airflow.

The reverse cycle technology in ductless air conditioning means it can provide both heating and cooling. A thermostat mounted on the wall controls temperature and other settings. Many modern systems are equipped with smart features, which allow users to control airflow using Wi-Fi via an app.

How Much Does a Ducted AC Cost Upfront?

The most comprehensive form for climate control, duct air conditioning, is available. Install costs are much higher than for other air-con systems. In addition to the central unit and the outdoors compressor, it is important to consider wiring, drainage, and labor costs as well as the possibility of removing an existing system.

It is best to consider a ducted air conditioner an investment. One that provides immediate returns.

The price of a system can vary greatly from one house to another. Fixed price quotes are required for all ducted work. This ensures that you know exactly what to expect and doesn’t come with any unexpected charges.

What is an “Inverter Air Conditioner”?

Consider installing a ducted air conditioner using inverter technology, if the running costs are more than anticipated. An inverter controls the speed of the electric motor of an air conditioner. This inverter reduces the energy required to run an air conditioner’s electric motor.

Inverter technology works by continuously adjusting the temperature to maintain the desired temperature. It is not a stop-and-start process.

Switching from ducted to ducted is a smart move.

A system should be worth the price. Ducted is known for its reliability and many benefits that often outweigh the initial investment.

Climate Control for the Entire Family

Ducted air conditioners extend the desired airflow beyond a central living room and into bedrooms, dining areas, home offices, or wherever else you need it. 

Instead of installing split systems and finding them insufficient on hot days, you could opt for ducted.

Zoning Increases Energy Efficiency

Zones are an option inducted. They allow everyone to enjoy the right temperature and airflow. To save energy, you can use the thermostat to control heating and cooling in each room. You can also shut off certain zones. The thermostat can be used to heat or cool only the living area and master bedroom in winter.

You can make your extended family feel welcome by adding airflow in every room. It can reduce the likelihood of squabbles.

Ducted Costs Less Than You Think

By using zoning and treating only the required rooms at once, ducted air conditioners can run more efficiently and cost less. Origin Energy warns against setting your thermostat lower than 24°C, as each degree lower consumes 5% of energy.

A reduction of just one hour per day in the use of your air conditioner can help you save between $31 and $93 every year. 

Ducted looks beautiful

Split systems can cause aesthetic problems in your home, regardless of the best intentions of designers. If required, ducted air conditioning hides the whole system under the floor, walls, and roof. The only visible elements in the interior are the subtle vents that can be colored or styled to your liking.

The thermostat can be ordered in modern designs to match any other smart technology. A ducted system allows you to enjoy comfort in your own home while remaining proud.

Brisbane Ducted Air Conditioning is the leading ducted air conditioning expert. Brisbane ducted heating systems are designed and built by experienced residential engineers.

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