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Simple Hacks To help Maintain Long Lifespan Of Wooden Floors

Having wooden floors is not uncommon, but having well-maintained floors at home is uncommon. Well maintained wooden floors will always look more welcoming. Not many people are aware of the maintenance part.

It is important to maintain a new sheen for years. You can search for the best wooden flooring in Wellington experts online. There is a lot of information related to wooden floor maintenance and care online. These are simple hacks that anyone can follow if they have wooden floors installed at home.

Everyday life hacks

When the floors are installed indoors, you need to take proper care. You can make use of humidifiers. This will prevent the wood layer from shrinking or expanding during winter and summer. It will also lessen the gaps between two-floor planks.

Liquid cleaners are never the right choice for wooden floors. Harsh agents should be avoided. You can make use of a dry mob to clean the floor every day.

Dust and dirt

Dust and dirt are common indoors wood can get damaged if not cared for properly. You should vacuum the floor at least once or twice a week. This will help in removing the dust and dirt from the top layer. Felt pads are the ideal choice to be used on wooden floors.

Glued pads are best. You can also use doormats on the main entrance. Other areas on the floor can be covered with rugs or carpet.

Use quality polish

The wooden floor may need to be polished once a year. This is important if you want the floor to maintain its natural sheen for years. Wax polish is the best choice. Avoid using a wet polish that will spoil the floor material. Check with the best dealers before you select any polished material for your wooden floors.

Care for your pets

Having pets at home is not uncommon. Pets have paw nails that can damage the wooden floors. If you have pets then you should keep the nails trimmed.

Carpet is one of the best protection for your wooden floors. You may need a regular wet mob to ensure the pet fur does not accumulate on the floor.

Carpet overuse

Keeping the floors full time covered by rugs and carpet may not be advisable the wood need fresh air. You can leave the floors uncovered for a while every day. Remove the carpet and rugs when cleaning the floor.

Remove stains

Stains will develop over time. If you spill anything accidentally, then wipe it immediately with a dry cloth. Tea and coffee stains are never friendly for wooden floors. You have to treat them immediately.

You have to leave the floors polished most of the time. A dry or damp cloth is ideal for cleaning the spills and stains. Avoid using soap water solution on wooden floors. It can damage the top layer.

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