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Social Media Widget Plugins For WordPress With Long-Term Benefits

Do you have a WordPress website and are looking for simple and time-saving methods to make your website more impressive? Then we have a solution for you – social media widget. Read the blog till the end to learn about different ways to get social media widget for WordPress.

What Is a Social Media Widget?

Social media has revolutionized the marketing scenario. As a result, practices that were once unthinkable are now usual for businesses. And no one can deny social media marketing is now a key element. The latest and efficient trend under this umbrella is the strategy to embed social media widget on WordPress websites.

If you aren’t aware of the social media widget, then here is a little guide. Social media widget is a functional block on the website that enables you to display social media content. And as widgets showcase the content from the source, it does not affect the website’s speed. In simple words, it means you get images, videos, and all content on your website, without hampering its speed.

On WordPress, you have the facility to use social media widget plugins that provide you with the widget. And through their easy embedding process, you can even add them to your WordPress website with comfort. 

WordPress plugin store consists of various plugins that help you in this cause, but we have filtered some of the best social media widget plugins for WordPress for your ease. You can easily find them on WordPress and operate them with ease.

Social Media Widget Plugins for WordPress That Help You In Long Run

Who doesn’t like to work with the best, right? Hence, we examined various social media WordPress plugins based on usage, features, and price. And these were the plugins that stood tall as per our analysis.

1. Social Media Feeds Plugin by Tagembed

Social Media Feeds WordPress Plugin

Tagembed is a popular social media aggregator tool, which has made a name for itself because of its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing plans. It brings the same magic to its WordPress plugin. You can easily find the social media feed plugin by Tagmebed on the WordPress plugin store.

The plugin helps you collect social media feeds from 19+ social media platforms, allows you to curate and customize them, and then displays them on your WordPress website. Social media widget from the plugin streams images, videos, texts, and all types of content without any trouble. 

And as it is a coding-free plugin, you can easily embed social media widgets on WordPress without any need for specialists, coding skills, or coding knowledge. In addition, it eases your embedding process and provides various features that add great value to this plugin. 

It even allows you to personalize your widget. Here, you can change the font style, size, card style, and more to make your widget eye-catching. Also, it offers various themes and layouts. You can select the one that best suits the style and vibe of your website. The uniformity makes the website pleasing to the eye and visually appealing. 

Moreover, it also provides a moderation feature that helps you to remove unwanted and irrelevant posts from the widget feed. You either remove the posts manually or opt for auto-moderation.

2. Social Feeder by 10 Quality

Social Feeder

Social Feeder by 10 Quality is another amazing social media widget plugin that helps you collect, curate, customize, and display the social feed on WordPress. It is a fast, optimized, and powerful social media feed plugin designed with full customization in mind. 

The plugin provides its own theming system that allows users to instantly switch and select the look and feel of the feed. And as it is a lightweight plugin, it does not affect the website’s speed and seamlessly streams all media types. So, whether you want to display tweets from Twitter or images from Instagram, you visitors get to see to view all without any hassle.

Social Feeder is renowned for providing freedom to customize the widget. As the competition in the market is getting stiff with each passing day, it becomes more important to have a website that attracts visitors and keeps them engaged on the site. With the Social Feeder plugin, you can easily achieve the mentioned feat.

3. Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream by Looks Awesome

Flow-Flow Social Feed Streams

Next on our list is Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream by Looks Awesome; like the plugins mentioned above, it provides a simple solution for accumulating, curating, and exhibiting social media feed on WordPress website. Consumers often look for social proof and reviews before making their purchase, and people often use social media to express their opinion regarding any product or brand. With the help of this plugin, you can easily pull all user-generated content related to your brand and display them on your website to prove your credibility and win consumers’ trust.

The plugin is compatible with all major social media platforms, and the list consists of the social media giants – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. And as they provide a responsive widget, your visitor using any type of device can view the content without any trouble. Also, it is optimized for any screen type, and you don’t need to change the display setting manually. 

Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream also provides you with the facility to showcase social media counters like comments, views, and likes. It allows you to showcase your social media strength. And as it provides a sneak into your social media handles, you have the chance to grow your social media strength.

Summing It Up

Social media provides a great aid to businesses to grow, reach more consumers and promote their brand or product. By using feeds on social media, you can make your website more attractive and help your business to prosper. The plugins mentioned above are currently the best in the market that helps you to embed social media widget on the WordPress website.

You can find these plugins on WordPress with ease. You can rely on them, as they help the business in the long run. So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead, try these plugins now and make your website more engaging, attractive & interactive and achieve your business goals.

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