Stock Market 2021: A Beginner’s Guide

One of the best ways of gaining steady profits is through investing in stocks. However, it is not a straightforward platform of investment since it requires in-depth stock market knowledge. Below is a beginner’s guide on the stock market 2021.

What is a Stock?

Stock is the money raised by a corporation or company through the subscription and issuance of shares.

What is the Stock Market?

The stock market is a platform where the shares of companies that get listed as public get traded. It is an ideal platform that allows investors to get a portion of the profits made by the various corporations.

What Does Buying a Stock Mean?

Buying a stock means that you are acquiring a piece of a particular company. An ideal example of this is the DST (Delaware Statutory Trust), but there are many other brokerages available too.

What is a DST?

An entity that you can use to possess title to real estate. The minimum investment is $100,000. You also get the opportunity to diversify your exchange proceeds among various properties.


The Seven Golden Rules

If you want to make it in the stock market, you have to follow a set of rules. They include:

1. Think Long-Term

If you are trying to make fast money in a short duration of time or timing the market, you are no different than a gambler. You have to think like an investor – think long-term and wise.

Time horizon arbitrage – if you learn to think beyond the present and can look beyond the noise, you have a real opportunity of gaining the upper hand and avoiding losses, Click here.

2. Good Companies Make Decent Investments.

Indulge in crucial investments where you buy a tangible share of a business. You build on a decent investment portfolio (collection of the various shares you own). shares of top-notch companies at reasonable prices, and you will end up developing a high-quality portfolio that attracts less risk. Good companies incur high returns on capital.

3. Consider your Margin of Safety When Buying.

Buy a business at a low price, and you get the guarantee of not losing much when your investment goes completely wrong. Better safe than sorry.

4. Run Background Checks and Buy What you Know

Buying a stock because someone else recommended it is a guaranteed way of losing your capital. For you to be a successful investor, know what you own. Analyze the financials of the corporation to be sure you do not miss anything.

5. Do Not Follow the Majority, Be Calm and Rational.

The people around an investor can influence the decision of an investor. Be careful and learn to resist this urge. Remain calm and observe the trends to maximize your profits.

6. Do Not Invest All Your Money in One Company, And Do Not Invest in Too Many Companies Either.

Learn to be diversified and own stocks at several corporations. If one company goes down, then you have somewhere else to invest. On the other hand, investing in many companies can be detrimental as you will have a challenging experience learning about each. Diversifying is vital, but make your best ideas count.

7. Never Stop Learning

The stock market is always different as time goes by, and most companies are constantly changing. Learn, learn more, and aspire to keep on learning.


How do you Gauge if a Company is a Worthy Investment?

You gauge a company’s worth by evaluating return on equity (ROE). The best investments earn a high return on investment.


How do you Find Stocks to Invest in?

1. Stock Screens

They allow you to filter out corporation characteristics that are ideal for you. When screening, consider corporations that:

  • Have stable earnings.


  • Possess positive cash generation.


  • Consistently generates a healthy return on capital.


  • Pay dividends that grow every year.

2. Research Reports

The best way of acquiring investment ideas is through other investors. Follow and read their blog posts and undertake research on the various reports on stocks. Some of the places you can get quality information include:

  • Seeking Alpha


  • SumZero


  • Wall Street Journal


  • Motley Fool


  • Value Investors Club


  • GuruFocus


  • Beyond Proxy


The above guide will help you navigate the stock market without difficulties. There is no straightforward way of investing. You have to adapt to changing market trends.

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