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Stumped for a Cat Lover Gift?

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be wondering what to get for the cat lover in your life. Whether they are a good friend, a co-worker, or your significant other, you can never go wrong by getting a feline fancier something that reminds them of their favorite animal! Here are some terrific ideas of cat themed gifts to assist you in selecting the best present for a cat-loving, loved one.

Practical gifts

Some terrific cat themed clothing/gifts will actually be for the cat, rather than for your friend, but depending on the gift, your friend will probably love it! Scratching posts, small cat toys and pretty little collars are wonderful ways to let your friend know that you understand the importance of the cat in their life. Scratching posts have come a long way. They come in are many sizes, designs and colors. The recipient of this gift will probably thank you for saving the “life” of their sofa, couches and or chairs. More cat themed, cat lover gift ideas are books, videos, dvds, mailboxes, chimes, door knockers, handmade cat pillows, just to name a few. Practical gifts like these are perfect for a wide variety of different occasions.

The Cultural Cat

Felines have held honored places in many different cultures all around the world. There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find cat themed gifts for the most discerning art collector by looking in this category. If your friend enjoys Asian art, what about a scroll decorated with Japanese brushwork kittens on it? If your friend favors a bolder look, take a look at the jaguars and ocelots that are so prevalent in Mayan and Aztec art and sculpture. Of course, when discussing cat themed gifts with relation to culture, give thought to what cats meant to the Egyptians. You’ll find plenty of reproduction earrings and necklaces featuring the cat-headed goddess Best and many many statues of cats in all sorts of shapes and poses.

Soft and Cuddly

For the cat lover who might be living in an apartment or with an allergic roommate, a cat themed gift can definitely serve a dual purpose. Select a lovely stuffed cat from the wide selection. Having something soft and cuddly, can be a great help, especially if there was a recent move from a home that had a cat(s). Look online to find stuffed toy cats of every color and breed and make sure that your cat loving friend will have something to hold dear.

Bathroom cats

Additional cat lover gifts are cat printed towels, soap dishes and shaped soaps that are available to brighten up any bath area. Also consider cat themed wall hangings in the form of three dimensional wall art, prints or photos. It can be nice to be greeted in the morning with a sweet cat shaped toothbrush holder, so take a look around for some lovely cat-inspired housewares!

When you are shopping for a special cat fan in your life, there are plenty of options. Just remember to keep that someone’s personality, and preferences in mind to ensure the selection of the perfect gift.

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