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What Should I Invest in 2021 to Get Good Returns?

Today, you can find out the items that you can invest in 2021 to get good returns. The Coronavirus pandemic has shattered many markets. Regardless, a few niche sectors are yet proving to possess worthy items. Abiding by the government’s restrictions and rules to control the coronavirus’s spread, people opted for moving online, utilising the digital platforms more than ever.

Some luxury sectors struggled to sustain their elevated trading graph but finally resulted in drops. However, a few luxury fields thrived that were already versed with the online resources and systems like the luxury watch sector and handbags. The best way to amass wealth is perhaps to have an asset to do it for you.

People who are willing to put their money to work for them can confidently opt for investing in any luxury items. It can be vintage cars, expensive wines, a high-end luxury watch or jewellery. Most of the luxury assets typically retain their value, and in certain instances, they might appreciate.

However, keep note that not all luxury assets would be an item that always increases in value. What factors significantly influence an asset’s value? They are usually the fundamentals of demand and supply.

Thus, it is essential to do proper research and gain knowledge of what you are investing in. Eventually, you can pick the item(s) that would provide you with good returns. Check out the luxury items listed below that are worth investing in as they are likely to fetch the expected gleaming returns with time.

Classic & Vintage Cars

Classic and Vintage Cars

Vintage cars and classic automobiles typically come with a successful investment story. They enlist their names in the list of luxury assets that increase in value. However, it is essential to note that only a few classic automobiles would make for cost-effective luxury investments.

A classic car that someone is willing to put their money into should have the required investment potential. Like the brand, age, demand, and scarcity, several factors will play a significant role in influencing the car’s value.

Automobile brands like Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and Ferrari tend to increase in value and, thus, would make for reliable investments.

Luxury Watches

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Are you a watch enthusiast? Then, you are well-versed that luxury watches have turned out to be more popular investment pieces in recent years. Watch brands with better investment potential than others include Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Omega and many more.

Many models from these watchmakers even surge in value over the years. However, before investing in a luxury timepiece, it is essential to amass a good understanding of the luxury watch industry. Make no hurry in realising the profit after you make the luxury investment.

Moreover, investing in a highly top-notch watch of a premium brand would require a bulging purse.

Note: Four tips to ensure that your luxury watch gets you a good return.

  • Keep your timepiece in good condition after purchase.
  • Retain the original box and papers.
  • Try to hold on to the timepiece for many years.
  • Look for the best timing and soaring resale watch market to sell your watch.
  • Finally, choose professional and trusted watch buyers to get the best deal.
  • Next up in this list is the most popular asset that usually possesses a soaring market, and it is jewellery.


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Keep in mind that not all jewellery items will increase in value. If you want a jewellery piece that will hold good resale value and also that you can put on at the coming big social event, invest in a piece crafted of precious metal and, if possible, adorned with gemstones.

Gold (yellow or white) and platinum are typically the best investment jewellery metals. Gold is considered a ‘safe-haven’ asset. Thus, gold jewellery pieces are popular, and they increase in value.

Moreover, gold has lesser practical applications, and its value usually increases during severe economic downturns, recessions and financial stress.

Another popular precious metal for jewellery is platinum, and it can appreciate too. Platinum is a preferred metal for jewellery than other silvery-white metals. Now:

When it comes to investing in gemstone, keep in mind that it is not for all. Still, if you are an admirer of fine gems, try to consider investing in rare gems. They can get you good returns in the future. However, the most treasured gem around the world is diamonds.

Indeed, diamonds are a girl’s best friends. And the dazzling shine and investment potential of a diamond can hold on to your smile for a lifetime. Other top gems that appreciate include blue sapphire, ruby, ruby and imperial topaz.

Let’s move on to another favourite fashion accessory, which is a good luxury investment. They are designer handbags.


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Is it surprising to see handbags on this list? Believe it or not, designer handbags are considered unique and excellent investment pieces. As for luxury watches, you also need to carry out research and understand the luxury bag market. Tastes and trends in the fashion world change from time to time.

If you do not follow the ongoing trend, you might see yourself only holding the bag in your hands. However, to be on the safe side, consider investing in classic designs and brands. Demand for vintage luxury bags is always high. Moreover, some brands tend to retain the most investment value, like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Christian Dior.

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