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Symptoms Of Pregnancy : 7 Warning Signs Of Being Pregnant

Certain symptoms are experienced during pregnancy. But it is the really confusing when to seek for immediate attention of the gynaecologist and which ones can wait until next prenatal appointment. It is always recommended to raise your concerns to your private gynaecologist in London Harley Street. Furthermore, continue reading this blog to know which signs need swift action.    

  1. Bleeding

Bleeding can represent numerous uncertain things at the time of pregnancy. In case there is menstrual-like cramp with excruciating abdominal pain and faint-like feeling in first trimester then it is the clear sign of ectopic pregnancy. It happens when the fertilised egg gets implanted outside uterus and it proves to be fatal many times.

Also it can be the clear sign of miscarriage if you experience it at early 2nd or late 1st trimester. In case, bleeding accompanies by abdominal pain is experienced in third trimester then it refers to the separation of the placenta from the lining of the uterus.

Bleeding is a severe condition which needs immediate medical assistance. Hence you should consult with the gynaecologist instantly or rush to emergency room.

  1. Vomiting and severe nausea

Nausea is the most common symptom to experience during pregnancy. It’s become a matter of concern if it gets severe. It makes you less appetite of eating and drinking anything and dehydration and malnourishment can harm the health of both the baby and the mother. For dealing with severe nausea, consult with the healthcare provider as you will be prescribed with medication along with diet change.

  1. Significant declination of the activity level of the baby

It doesn’t mean that it is normal for an active baby getting less-energetic. But certain troubleshooting will surely help in detecting the exact problem (if any). For that you can drink or eat something cold to check whether the baby reacts to it or not!

Kick counting is another trick that can assist you at the same time. Although there is no optimal rule for baby movements yet a baseline can be established on the basis of the perception moving less or more by the baby.

Typically, baby should make 10 kicks or more in 2 hours. If the number is less then it is better to discuss with your gynaecologist. The movement and growth of the baby will be assessed by the gynaecologist with the help of specific monitoring equipment.

  1. Early contraction during third trimester

Preterm labour can be understood with the experience of contractions. However, mostly moms-to-be get confused between false labour and true ones. The false ones are also known as Braxton-Hicks contractions. Not only they are non-rhythmic but also unpredictable and never increase its magnitude.

With proper hydration, it gets subsided on its own within an hour. In case you experience contractions in your third trimester then it is best to consult with the gynaecologist. If the right time for delivery hasn’t arrived yet then, necessary steps will be taken to make the labour stopped.

  1. Breaking down of the water

Most often it has been observed that pregnant women have experienced stream of water running down the legs. It can be the indication of either membrane rupture or urine leakage as well. Hence, it is suggested to rush to toilet and check well.

Breaking down of membrane can lead to dramatic fluid gush yet it is subtle. Once you get the confirmation of water breakage contact immediately with the gynaecologist or visit your nearby hospital.

  1. The infection of preeclampsia can be there during third trimester

It is common to experience persistent intolerable headache, swelling, visual disturbances and abdominal pain in third trimester. Actually these can be the symptoms of preeclampsia. This disease develops in the body of the pregnant women and can be fatal too sometimes.

Usually, it is diagnosed by presence of excessive protein in urine and extremely high blood pressure that happens about 20th week of being pregnant. Rather than wasting more time call your gynaecologist immediately to check the blood pressure. Remember only proper prenatal care can detect the preeclampsia in its initial stage which is good both for mom-to-be and the baby inside.

  1. Flu-like symptoms

As per the experts it becomes pivotal for the pregnant women to get vaccinated for flu as it can lead to many other serious complications. In fact during the season of flu they are more prone to get ill.

However, it is also advised not to rush to gynaecologist’s clinic or hospital at the same time as it can transmit to other pregnant ladies there. Instead, you can consult with your doctor over the phone.

If you are pregnant and need to visit a gynaecologist then you can find one in your locality. For that, use the search string- ‘best gynecologist near me in London’ to search online. Accordingly, select a clinic located near you to make an appointment for check-up.

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