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Ten Best Dog Breeds For Kids and Families

Are you thinking of adopting a dog for your family but confused about it?

Well, dogs are an excellent choice for pets for families with all ages of kids. Dogs teach kids not only to love unconditionally but also to learn to be responsible and caring. However, the overall accountability of dog welfare falls on you as a pet parent.

So, before adopting a dog, you need to discuss a couple of things together as a family.

Four Key Questions

  1. What size of dog breed do you want – big, small, or medium?
  2. How much time and attention are you ready to give to dog care?
  3. What is your family lifestyle – outdoor-loving, active-life or laid-back, indoor type?
  4. What temperament or personality type of dog are you looking for – highly-affectionate, attention-seeking, independent-type, quiet-temperament, etc.?

Take some time to figure these out, and then meet a dog personally before adopting one. Every dog breed has its distinctive personality, and we have narrowed-in some of them to help you find the best fit for your kids and family. Check some of the tips to make your dog hydrated.

Best Dog Breeds

Here are some of the dog breeds best suited for kids and families

#1     Bichon Frise

A loyal, affectionate, small dog that has the energy to keep up with a busy family.


  • Does not shed
  • Easily adaptable to new environments
  • Good with children


  • Needs regular grooming
  • Requires significant dental and coat care
  • Time-consuming to house-train
  • Easily frightened around noisy, hyperactive kids

#2     Collie

It’s a highly-intelligent, gentle nature, loyal dog that can be quite protective of family members, especially children around strangers.


  • Suitable for families with young children
  • Easy-to-train
  • Social with humans and other pets


  • High-shedding
  • Might bark excessively if left alone for long
  • Protective of children, so calmly introduce guests

#3     Maltese

An energetic, sweet, and gentle dog that loves playing with kids.


  • Playful and learns tricks quickly
  • Good size and the right temperament for apartment living
  • Active but also can be a lapdog


  • Requires daily brushing and eye-cleaning
  • Can bark frequently

#4     Boston Terrier

A small-size dog with, playful yet patient personality can be a great family dog with high energy.


  • Minimal shedding
  • Low grooming needs
  • Gets along with other pets easily
  • Best for active play with children


  • Prone to eye and breathing problems
  • Stubborn with training and listening commands
  • It runs swiftly; so a leash is a must outdoors

#5     Pug

It’s an easy-to-care, low-key dog that loves human-attention and is excellent with kids.


  • Outgoing temperament; socializes easily
  • Simple brushing is all you need for grooming
  • Sturdy and affectionate


  • Protruding eyes means prone to eye-injuries
  • Can get obese without diet and exercise
  • Not a guard or watchdog

#6     Keeshond

It’s a medium-size, attention-craving, family-friendly breed that looks like a smaller version of a Samoyed or Husky.


  • Intelligent and easy-to-train
  • Great playmate for kids
  • Will bark to alert you but not a nuisance barker
  • Friendly with humans and other pets


  • Heavy shedding period – twice a year
  • Demands attention highly, so not suitable for families who are mostly out of homes.
  • May overheat in a hot climate

#7     Labrador Retriever

It’s a big, strong-bodied, active dog,  fit for families that enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, camping, hiking, etc.


  • Intelligent and easy-to-train
  • Good service, therapy, or assistive dogs
  • Comfortably fit-in with other humans, children, dogs, and other pets


  • High shedders
  • Need regular exercise to maintain weight and mental happiness
  • Can show destructive behavior if you don’t go out regularly.

#8     Golden Retriever

It’s the most friendly, fun, and sweet dog breed, best suited for slightly bigger kids.


  • Easy-to-train
  • Gentle nature with kids
  • Adapts easily to any apartment size
  • Loyal and loving
  • It can be great with small kids too with training
  • Fits with all lifestyles – active or laid back


  • Requires above average exercise daily
  • Minimal guard or watchdog instincts
  • Higher than average shedding

#9     Boxer

It’s a tough, muscular dog that likes being inside, unlike some other large breeds, and great with kids of any age.


  • Highly affectionate and can blend with any family
  • Can adjust to any living places till it gets regular exercise
  • Easy-to-care coats with light grooming needs


  • Sensitive to extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Drools
  • Snort and snore
  • High-energy dogs, so you need to exercise them to expel their energy regularly

#10 French Bulldog

Low-maintenance, bat-like ears and muscular frame dog breed having lower energy levels and fit for a non-active lifestyle family


  • Requires low to moderate exercises
  • Easy-to-groom
  • Great for smaller homes
  • Better for older kids
  • Doesn’t barks often


  • Can compete with children for your attention
  • Snores and snorts frequently
  • It can become destructive if gets bored or left alone for too long


Check out these dog breeds and always pick a dog that matches your family’s lifestyle and needs. For any more questions about the best family dog, ask us through our comment section below.

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