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Top Tips to Keep Your Pup Hydrated!

Who better than us would know the real value of water in our lives?! After all we humans contain 70% of the water in our bodies. But that’s not just for us, even the animals like your dogs do contain a huge quantity of water in their body. And getting dehydrated often leads to many health issues in them as well. So, when your little pup feels lethargic and doesn’t play around much due to dehydration, you know it’s a red sign of warning to keep an eye on its water intake.

How to ensure that your pup is hydrated and healthy?

When we talk about providing proper water intake to your pups, we aren’t just talking about the distilled or tap water, even spring water is a great option for them to stay hydrated. And today you’ll find the spring water supplied for various purposes like landscaping, for the water filled barriers, and even as a supply for the parties and events. So, there isn’t absolutely any harm if your pup intakes this spring water. In fact, this water contains a lesser amount of minerals and chlorine than your regular tap water that you otherwise feed them. So, that’s the water, now for the ways to keep this little pup hydrated, read on.

  • Ensure the pup always sees the water bowl — Once you change the place of the water bowl or you separate it from the dog, the pup most probably doesn’t even try to search for the same. And the result of this is that your pup stays dehydrated. So, when you want to keep the little thing hydrated, never separate it from the pup and place it somewhere where the dog can see it easily. In fact, make it the first thing that it sees when it enters the kennel. This instigates the pup in drinking water the moment it enters its safe place.
  • Provide only clean water to your pup — If your puppy is properly trained, it probably won’t even touch the dirty water. But still, ensure to provide the little pup only clean water from Water2Go providing spring water in Melbourne which is absolutely clean and best for your pup and even can be used for other purposes in your home like gardening. This ensures that whenever your pup intakes water, it’s always intaking something beneficial that doesn’t contain any toxic substances.
  • Switch from dry to moist dog food — If your dog doesn’t drink much water even after you try so much, then it’s better that you change the pup’s food. What you can do is opt for moist food instead of the dry one so that some amount of water enters into the pup’s body.
  • Let your pup take lots of water breaks while playing — Just as you require drinking more water while you are working out or playing, even your dog needs the same. So, when you take the little pup out to play, take break intervals very frequently so that the pup gets to drink more water.
  • Let your pup soak lavishly in water — Most of the dogs do cringe water and bathing time. However, if your pup is really trained, it would somewhat be accustomed to this idea of bathing in water. So, this can be a plus point for you if your pup isn’t drinking water normally. Let the little pup sit and play lavishly in water. Automatically, the dog would drink some amount of water from there. And if not, then the exercise in water would certainly make the dog feel thirsty and it will come out of the bath and will drink water for sure.
  • Ask your vet for help — Even after so much effort if your dog isn’t drinking more water, or is showing regular symptoms of panting and dehydration, then it’s better to ask your vet for help. The pup’s doc would be the best person to advise you in this matter and provide you with safer alternatives through which you can keep the pup hydrated.

We just hope your pup starts drinking ample of water again and becomes more hydrated, healthy, and happy! 

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