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Ten Different Types of Shopping Fashionable Purses

Fashion is not just about clothes. It includes a lot of other things. A fashion statement involves accessories, bags, and shoes as well. Fashion is created by people, and it tells a lot about your personality. People follow the kind of fashion that goes with their aura and personality. The colors and style that you wear tell a lot about you. To carry yourself properly is an art. People who like fashion are confident about their looks. They are into fashion, and they can pull off different looks depending on their moods. One thing that appears to complete a fashion look for women is their bags and purses. Fashion purses go way back in time. They have a history and past. They were invented because women used to wear clothes that did not have pockets. In other words, we can say that women’s clothes were made without pockets. So when women had to carry their stuff outside, they used baskets. But carrying a basket is not very convenient, so they made purses. Now fashion purses have become more than just a means of carrying stuff. Now they serve as a fashion item and complete the fashion looks. Celebrities get the most exclusive designer bags. But generally, purses and bags are now approachable for all women. Many companies make them, the prices vary. There are several kinds of purses on the market now. Here are some kinds of affordable fashionable purses.

Hand Bag:

A handbag is a  medium size bag that almost all women own. It is essential because it has enough space to carry your essentials and also comes in different colors, styles, and materials. Mostly, they make them out of leather. This kind of bag is one of the oldest kinds of bags. It was easy to carry and affordable for all.

Hobo Bag:

This is a large bag, and they make it out of soft materials like jute, cotton or wool, etc. The soft fabric makes this bag slouchy and chic. These bags can be very funky as well. They are popular among young school girls because they are fun and functional. They have enough space to carry your essentials and even a few books.

Handle Shoulder:

They are easy to carry and have a handle for the shoulder, and the crescent forms under the handle when you carry the bag on your shoulder. This happens because the fabric of the bag is slouchy and soft.

Tote Bags:

Tote bags are all the rage these days because they are easy to carry and can be super useful. A single tote bag can serve many purposes, from carrying groceries to carrying school essentials. A tote bag does it all while making you look trendy as well. Totes bags provide you a chance to be environment friendly as well. If you own a couple of tote bags, you do not have to use plastic bags. Moreover, you can customize the tote bags as well. You can paint them yourself even because they can make tote bags out of any fabric.

Tote bags are versatile and easy to make well. You can even make your own tote bag since it is just a rectangular bag that you can make out of any fabric with a handle.

Duffle Bag:

A duffle bag is a large roomy bag that has flat sides. They make it out of very durable fabric, and it can also be very useful. It has a top zip and enough space to keep your travel essentials. You can easily carry your stuff in a duffle bag while traveling.

Messenger Bags:

Messenger bags are one of the most vintage and aesthetic kinds of bags. These bags look very aesthetic and are unisex. Both men and women can use these bags. Nowadays, people use these bags to carry laptops and documents. They make them out of durable fabric so you can carry a duffle bag with you while traveling and carry a water bottle and other essentials. These bags are also called courier bags.


Backpacks are designed to carry on your shoulder while they hang on the back. They are useful for carrying stuff and school books. These bags are versatile and multipurpose. People use them for carrying stuff while traveling, hiking, etc. moreover, kids also use backpacks, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

You can also find the backpacks by the name of knapsacks, backpacks, or kitbags.


A satchel bag is a modern women’s bag. It is a rectangular bag and has a flap that fastens in the front. These bags have a long adjustable strap and a short carry handle on the top as well. You can either hang them on the side or across your body.

Bucket Bag:

If you are looking for affordable fashion purses, a bucket bag is a good option. They come in unique and colorful designs. This bag has a flat hard bottom and drawstring closure. It has a long strap to hang on your shoulder. It is very trendy, and you can carry it when you go shopping. There is enough space to carry a mobile phone and wallet and some other small things in it. Its main purpose is fashion, and they can be very affordable as well.


A wristlet is a small fashion purse that you can use to carry your money and phone. It can serve as a wallet as well. You can carry your cards and cash in it and put the strap around your wrist like a bracelet.


Clutches are rather fancy and formal. Women carry clutches to weddings and other such formal events. They are strapless, so women hold them in their hands as fashion statements.


Fashion purses are not just for fashion, and they are also very useful. You can carry a lot of things in your bag and look fabulous as well. These days women cannot go out without their bags because they need to carry a lot of stuff such as phones, wallets, makeup, sanitizers, and other essentials. There are several kinds of bags as well, and all of them serve some kind of purpose. You just have to find what fits best for you. You can always own more than one purse. Some people even like to collect bags and purses as a hobby.

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