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Acrylic box are very useful for the storage of different things like makeup, clothes if you travel a lot, electronic devices, and many accessories. They make your room look very neat and tidy as they blend in with every theme very easily. But the only con of keeping your stuff in a glass box is they break down easily.

The best alternative to a glass box is to get an acrylic box in Abu Dhabi. It is also known as plexiglass, they are as neat as a glass box due to their transparent outlook.

Acrylic sheets have multiple times the effective strength of glass, which means, it takes much more power to break acrylic than glass. Plexiglass is special in that while it is amazingly hard to break. Even it tends to be broken in any case, it doesn’t break into 1,000 pieces, risky shards like glass usually does.

If you love crafting then this crafting activity will provide a form of entertainment for you too.

Due to the transparency of the box, you won’t have any trouble in finding your stuff either, and in this article, I will instruct you through the steps of making a DIY acrylic box in Abu Dhabi.


The most important step is collecting the materials, you will require the following materials for crafting;

  1. crafting knife: for cutting the acrylic sheets.
  2. super glue: to keep the sheets intact together for a longer period of time, make sure it is super glue.
  3. stainless steel ruler: ruler will give you the measurements to a perfect box so it is really important that you have a ruler.
  4. Cutting mat: it will save you from the cleaning part after you are done with your cutting.
  5. Acrylic sheets: you can choose any type and size of acrylic sheets you like, you can even go for colored ones if you think the transparent is way too boring.
  6. Wooden blocks: they will keep the square structure of your sheets intact during the drying process.
  7. Led lights (totally optional): this is totally up to you to use lights, but lights would be the best touch up to your box.

Step 1

Take the measurements of the stuff you want to put in there, so you can design your box accordingly. If your stuff is measuring up to 20 cm then with the help of a ruler mark the acrylic sheets on 25 cm for extra space else your box will look way too stuffy.

Step 2

Now, place all of your materials on the cutting mat. Hold the ruler really close to the acrylic sheets so that nothing goes wrong while cutting. You need to keep your ruler-straight as well else your box will turn out to be mismeasured that will end up in a really messy box instead of a neat acrylic box. Now start cutting the acrylic sheets really calmly so that you don’t end up cutting yourself. One by one cut all four square pieces of acrylic sheets.

Step 3

Now take the wooden blocks and trim them in a shape exactly like your sheets as they will provide support to your glued sheets. You can also get them trimmed professionally if you don’t have the tools for them.

 Step 4

Now, it is time for assembling. First of all place the bottom sheet. Afterward, take two sheets and apply a thin layer of glue to it. Place them in such a way that both of their sides touch. Now slowly place the wooden block just behind your sheets but be careful not to push it way too hard as the glue hasn’t dried yet.

Repeat this same process with the rest of your acrylic sheets too until it has formed a box-like structure.

The drying process can take up to hours or even a day. So you have to be really patient with it or else all your hard work will go in vain. And for a more colorful look, you can apply the led lights to its sides.

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