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The Best of 2021 Email Marketing Trends

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Trends 2021

As per the latest statistics, email marketing has an ROI of 4200%. Do you know what it means? A business makes $42 for every single dollar spent on email marketing. Where else can you get such a staggering ROI?

It has been one of the favourite marketing channels of marketers as it involves personalization and less use of resources. 

Checking emails is part of a morning ritual for many. So it’s bound to get more conversions.

As a social media marketing agency, we have used email marketing for dozens of our clients with great success. 

However, email marketing has never been the same. Trends keep changing as what’s working today might not work a few months later. 

But don’t you need to worry, because we have exciting, modern email marketing trends to share with you. Are you ready?


Personalization in Email Marketing

In any form of marketing, personalization builds a connection. Prospects feel different when they read/hear their name. 

Catching prospect’s attention is the key. When your prospect realizes that you have done a bit of research about their background, or they can relate with the story you have narrated, your chances of selling them ultimately increase.

There are robotic process automation and AIs to create personalized emails. 

With a segmented audience, you can choose the right words and emotions to sell to different audiences ( males and females, teens and adults, native and non-native speakers, etc).

You can also segment your audience in terms of their shopping habits, opening rates, and favorite products. This way your email marketing can be highly segmented.

One of the benefits of email marketing is you can retarget customers. Some customers have a habit of abandoning their carts before a purchase. Reach out to them and ask why did it happen?

You can leave a reminder for them with a CTA alongside a personalized message.



It sounds odd that we are in 2021, yet newsletters are only used by influencers, life coaches, bloggers, and public speakers. Why can’t e-commerce stores and businesses use them?

Newsletters are for every niche and every business. As said earlier, building a connection is the key. So, how do you do it?

Of course, you can’t sell your prospects in every email. It’s a stupid strategy and likely to backfire. 

You want to sound less like a business but someone with his prospect’s wellbeing in heart; someone with great empathy.

You can share something worth reading with your prospects related to your product/service. Make sure your story adds value to your subscribers.

Newsletters can help you to sell without actually selling. 

You are only going to share stories, updates regarding new arrivals in an engaging way, and make your every newsletter worth reading.

In such fierce competition, you must maintain your visibility. Newsletters help you to do so in a professional way.


Mobile Optimization

For web applications, it has been said thousands of times. And now, it’s time to optimize your emails as well for mobile devices. 

A study from IDC Research revealed that around 80% of people check their mobile devices within 15 minutes of waking up each morning.

Moreover, some people prefer not to open personal email accounts in the office to maintain focus.

So, most of your emails are likely to be opened on mobile devices.

According to Campaign Monitor, more than 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices.

People have little to check emails on laptops and PCs. Hence, if your email templates aren’t responsive, a poor user experience will turn them off.


Social Integration

Email marketing is not only for creating brand awareness of driving conversions but it can be used for anything. 

You can even divert traffic to your social media profiles or your website.

With a combined user base of 3.2 million worldwide, social media should be a part of your online marketing strategy. 

However, growing these channels organically is always a challenge. It takes time, patience, and constant creation of quality content.

One way to pace up your growth is to integrate social media into your email marketing campaigns. 

If your content is really worth reading, and your subscribers want to hear more from you, they won’t mind following your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Customer Appreciation Emails

As email marketing is growing, we are discovering more and more exciting trends. One of the recent ones is an appreciation email. It’s quite simple yet effective.

The sole purpose of this email is to provide a sense of value to your customer. 

It could be in the form of a personalized birthday message with a discount coupon or a ‘Thank You’ message after purchase.

You can even send a gift to one of your customers from healthcare to appreciate him/her for her services in a pandemic.

Don’t limit yourself. Be creative and devise strategies to maximize the impact of such emails.

Once again, the element of personalization comes into play. 


Email marketing is here to stay. Given its staggering ROI, you must take it seriously and invest as much as you can to drive great results for your business. If you feel you don’t have time and resources to manage it, hire email marketing specialists to take care of your campaigns.


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