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The Lions Of Gir: The Pride Of India

There are many stories and rumors about the lions of Gir. Some are fictitious and some are ridiculously true. You can hear many incidents about the lions of Gir. But whatever the stories the tourists and animal lovers around the globe like to visit lions of Gir-the Pride of India. Each year thousands of people plan to visit Gir. They hire the best tour operator in India for their Gujarat tour.

Gir-The Hot Tourist Spot of Gujrat

Tourists are so interested in visiting the wildlife sanctuary. Gir is famous for its jungle safari and lions. The place is known as the habitat of the Asiatic lions. Gir is also famous as Sasan Gir to many tourists. Travelers around the world always keep Gir visit as their Gujarat tour packages.

Gir is the only place where you can spot lions beside the Africa continent. The National Park has a fantastic landscape that attracts tourists. Due to this reason each year many people travel to Gir National Park. They want to spend some time seeing lions over here. Gir is also famous for seven rivers like Raval, Datardi, and Hiran.

The wood of Gir also attracts tourists. Not only the lions can you find many other animals in the park. Chinkara, Mugger crocodile, Python, Tawny eagle, Malabar whistling thrush, and Nilgai are also the main species in the park. You can experience many unknown birds in the park.


You will Explore the Best Adventure

In Gir National Park you can experience the best adventure. So, whenever you connect with the best tour operator in India you must keep Gir visit as your Gujarat tour packages. Following are the basic travel plan you can follow while you visit Gir National Park.


Experience the Jungle Safari

This is the most exciting and lively adventure you can have while traveling to Gir National Park. You can get a jeep and travel to the national park to experience Asiatic Lions in Gir. It will offer a thrilling journey and you can have a lifelong experience. The Gir Interpretation Zone is famous for its lion safari. The density of the lion population is the highest range in this area. The jungle safari will take 2 days. You can choose either morning safari from 8 am to 11 am or evening safari from 3 pm to 5 pm. The best tour operator in India can suggest to you what is the best time for the safari. They will take 6 people in a jeep and you can experience a thrilling journey and discover the lions.


Experience the World’s Rare Birds

You can discover the rare birds in the sanctuary. In one word, the national park is full of exciting things and nature. The people who love birds can spend a lot of time in the sanctuary. They can explore many rare birds in the land. You can find Pygmy Woodpecker, Bonneli’s Eagle, and Woodpecker’s Flamingo. If you visit the sanctuary between December to January you can explore these rare birds in the area. So, plan your Gujarat tour packages in a way when you can experience and see the birds.

Buy the Best Handicrafts

If you are a shopper you can buy the best handicrafts and many other locally made products in Gir. The local area is producing the world’s best handicrafts in this area. You can buy Patolas silk sarees made by local handcrafts. These sarees are the real pride of Gujarat. You can also buy Bandhnis. It is quite attractive that you can win the heart of your loved one. Here in local shops, you find traditional Ghagra-choli that can bring a smile to your sister’s face. The list does not end here. You can buy handmade items like cradle clothes, wall hangings, and many other items from the stalls of the entry-exit gate of the sanctuary.


Don’t Forget the Crocodile

Apart from the Lions of Gir, don’t forget about the crocodile breeding center in Gir National Park. This is one of the best places to visit. The experience can thrill you. The crocodile breeding center is located near the Sinh Sadan. The center can give you great knowledge about the crocodile and their conservation etc. You can see many crocodiles in national parks. So, get ready for the new kind of experience.


Enjoy the Local Festival

If you want to explore tribal life you can easily know about the two tribal communities in this area. Maldharis and Siddis are the two traditional tribal communities living here for the last 500 years. These tribal people are very sporting and they always welcome you with their open hands. Each year they organize festivals and you can explore the new world in this area. If you are interested to know about them you can join the Dang Darbar celebration before Holi. They also organize the Chitra Victhitra fair. You can also enjoy folk music, folk dance and yes the tribal foods can give you a new culinary experience. So, if you come to Gir you should attend the local festivals. It will give you a new dimension of your tourism.


Enjoy the Joyful Holiday

Yes, you can enjoy the joyful holiday over here. You can find many lavish resorts in this area. If you are a food lover you can enjoy the local foods in this area. You can have a glass of cold lassi that can reduce your tiredness. You can also taste the local and homemade spicy yogurt. It can relax your body. For lunch, you can taste Undiyu – Gujarati special mixed vegetables with Bajre-ki-roti garnish in homemade butter or ghee. You can also have Gujarati curry made with yogurt, rice, and curry around it. In the desert, you can taste Aamras with puri. At last, you can drink a glass of Chaas – a full glass of cool buttermilk. If you want to taste something exciting there are so many foods that can give you a wild, traditional taste. You can find many restaurants and resorts in this area that offer you the real taste of Gujarat.


So, get ready and book your Gujarat tour packages as soon as possible. Don’t miss your chance to experience the lions of the Gir-the pride of India.


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