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The Meaning And History Of Moonstone Jewelry

Gemstones are attractive. Whether you are a maximalist or a minimalist, they fit the taste just right and always add to the beauty. But, do you know what’s more attractive? The not-so-limited cognizance of the jewelry you wear. Knowing about the itsy-bitsy details of the gemstone may sound like a task to an abhor, but if you’re a true lover of the aesthetic, you sure won’t find it possible to let go of this pleasure. Besides, when the gemstone in question is none other than the Moonstone, who wouldn’t want to indulge in taking a trip down memory lane? So, don’t wait anymore – Here is a chance to catch the spotlight not only with your moonstone but also with the knowledge of the meaning and history of moonstone jewelry.

Since ancient societies, people are using moonstones as a beautiful decoration and a vital amulet. The Romans respected it, believing it had formed from beams. Both the Romans and the Greeks associated Moonstone with their lunar divinities.

Moonstone is considered as ancient as the Moon itself and holds the power of secretiveness and riddle. The personal and verity of this miraculous moonstone tarradiddle beneath the pearly white robe and its reflection of the light makes the wearer understand its training and wisdom.
Moonstone is primarily a mascot of the trip into one’s mind and body, which takes the wearer deep into his personality to recover, what’s lost.

Since time old, Moonstone connect to the Moon, and the most intriguing part of Moonstone is the alluring play of light that it exhibits when kept and moved in different directions into the light.
Moonstone is also fabulous as the Rubberneck’s Moonstone and is substantially protective of those who travel at night or upon the water when the Moon is shining brightly.

There are two kinds of Moonstones; one is the Adularia moonstone, roughly in the tones of transparent argentine white, pale argentine, or blue shimmer. It substantially plants in Burma, Sri Lanka, India, and Madagascar.

And the second type of Moonstone is Albite moonstone, which is within the feldspar group. It’s a semi-transparent Moonstone with a pale and iridescent reflection. It is a little dull in texture and comes primarily from Canada.

Here, read this article to find out about the secret history of Moonstones and quench your thirst!

Moonstone – its meaning, symbolism, and everything in between:

Moonstone is a gemstone of utmost popularity. One such stone adds just the right amount of panache to your wardrobe. But, do you know why the ancients revered it and how symbolic it is? Read this to find out:

Symbolism in the east –

The Moonstone symbolizes good luck and fortune in the east.

Symbolism with the Moon-

For the ancient Romans, the Moonstone symbolized the Moon and love.

Revisiting the past – tracing the mystical history of Moonstone:

Moonstones have come a long way with their adularescence, the oh-so-stunning celestial glow. But, let us tell you something – beyond the ethereal shine, there lie so many folklores surrounding the Moonstone or the “traveler’s stone” that are just mind-stirring. So, let’s dig up and discover more about their mystical history:

One of the most loved gemstones in the world, the story of Moonstone’s meaning and history is worth the attention. The tale of this divine stone begins in ancient Rome. Thanks to its glossy white sheen, the Romans believed the Moonstone was an incarnation of Diana – their Goddess of Moon and thought the stone to be the petrified version of the Moon’s rays that could foster feelings of love, wisdom, and clarity in life. Gradually, the magic of this stone traveled southwards to ancient India and obviously, bewitched them – so much so that they considered it a sacred gemstone! One of the most popular beliefs – two people, wearing the Moonstone on a full moon would swell in love with each other – also traces back to India. I bet you didn’t know this!

Finally, what are the different ways to teach this surreal stone in daily life?

The supernatural aftermaths of moonstones must have wooed you by now. So, if you’re wondering how exactly you can give them a considerable space in your lifestyle, you’re at the right place! Be one step ahead of the curve and use moonstones in more than just one way. Here’s how:

  • Home Decor:

Top tip alert! You can use Moonstone as a home decor item in several incredible, creative ways. Chic moonstone coasters, wall hangings, moonstone cloud home decor – the list just never ends!

  • Moonstone Jewelry:

Moonstone makes for the perfect jewelry for not only the looks. They are well famed for their tranquilizing effect and for increasing the concentration power of the user. What an excuse to bag wholesale gemstone jewelry!

  • Skincare:

As surprising as it may sound, People use Moonstones to prepare beauty products like face creams, night creams, etc. K-beauty swears by it!

Moonstone has charmed the hearts of jewelry addicts for centuries. The Moonstone’s putatively light appearance has made spectacular with the presence of light and movement. The glowing luster and soft color are soliciting. Learn about common and not-so-common Moonstone data and uncover the unique history and meaning of the moonstone. It is helpful if you formerly enjoy wholesale moonstone silver jewelry or plan to buy it.

Moonstone jewelry Collection

Moonstone is a form of Feldspar: 

Moonstone is a mineral of the orthoclase feldspar group and is composed of potassium aluminum silicate. It’s distinguished from other comparable stones by the presence of adularescence. However, the Moonstone has optic rates that analogous to some labradorite gemstone, and it’s a plagioclase feldspar, whereas Moonstone is orthoclase feldspar. Plagioclase feldspar is composed of calcium and sodium, and orthoclase feldspar is composed of potassium.

If you have your sight set on rebeginning your life, Moonstone is your perfect match. So, make sure you make this beauty a part of your lives while getting your hands on wholesale silver handmade fashion jewelry. Trust us, and you will undoubtedly see your life get better in surprising ways.

Moonstones are definitely in rage. But have you ever wondered what history has to say about them? Read this blog to learn about the real meaning of moonstones and uncover their historical whereabouts. Also, find out the many different ways to incorporate this pretty thing into your life!

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