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Wear Chokers to Make Your Look 100 Times Better

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If expensive jewelry is the favorite of girls, then fashionable small jewelry is also an indispensable item for women who love beauty. Necklaces are the most common in our fashion jewelry. I believe that many women will have their own necklaces. But do you feel that the necklace you are wearing is not good enough? Do you think there are only a few jewels every day and nothing new? Don’t worry, choosing wholesale chokers can save you trouble! As fashion must-have decorative magic weapons, they can make your look unique. The following will recommend some styles of chokers and their matching methods, if you are interested, just read on!

  1. Beautiful Chokers Classic Legend

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    Chokers literally means suffocation and shackles. In jewelry accessories, it specifically refers to collars and necklaces that are shorter in length and fit the neck. During the French Revolution in 1798, prisoners on the guillotine would wear red ribbons. By the end of the nineteenth century, it had become the new darling of aristocratic ladies in the upper class.

    The origin of this ornament is very interesting. In order to hide a scar on her neck, Princess Alexandra of Wales wears several rows of pearls or velvet on her neck. It was originally worn to cover up the scars, but unexpectedly, it became a fashion trend later. In the late 19th century, nobles followed suit one after another, because such a match looked very novel, not only beautiful but also able to add jewelry and show off their wealth.

  2. Chokers are Popular Until Now

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    As an accessory with a long history, chokers has been very popular until now. At the same time, chokers are also loved by many female stars. For example, Hepburn used to wear pearl chokers a lot, which looked very elegant. Even the sexy goddess Monroe loves chokers, and you can see its existence in many photos. The most classic screen image is Matilda played by Natalie Portman in the 1994 movie “This Killer Isn’t Cold”. It was also at that time that chokers became the standard for rebellious girls.

    Choker is also popular this year and has become a favorite of many fashionable ladies. When they are matched with clothing, they are simply too beautiful.

  3. Chokers with Decorative Effect

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    Different from traditional necklace styles, chokers have many materials and shapes. choker is unique in that it can bring you a better decorative effect than traditional necklaces. Because it fits your neck, it will be more conspicuous, not only makes the neck look slender and beautiful but also because of the color matching, it can make the skin look better visually.

    In fact, the novelty of chokers lies in their diversity, they can be applied to different occasions and clothes. They can show noble style and become casual. They can not only make you cool but also bring out your sexy, even with the domineering sports style will not feel very strange, which is why chokers will not be eliminated with the passage of time.

  4. Chokers with Simple Camisoles

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    When you go out shopping every day, you can match the camisole with choker. This combination is the easiest match and suits all women. The camisole can expose most of your skin and make your overall proportions more coordinated. Wearing chokers can not only make your collarbone look sexier, but also make you look very cool.

    No matter what kind of skin tone and body you are, wearing a camisole and a choker will make you look fashionable. You can have them as beautiful as you want. However, you still need to consider the material and size of chokers when collocation camisole. If the area is too large, it will make them lose their original visual balance.

  5. Chokers with Advanced Shirt

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    When choker and V-neck shirts are a classic combination, they will have a sense of luxury. When matching, you can untie the top two buttons of the shirt, so that you can show more skin area, make your neck look whiter and slender, and your face will look smaller.

    A solid-color shirt will look a little simple, and you can wear a choker to modify it. This look makes you noble and special. Since the lapel of the shirt will make people look tougher, if you want to be gentle, you can also choose to wear the choker in stacking mode, combining two or three chains together, or choosing a larger hollow choker is also quite Not bad.

  6. Choker with Strapless Top

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    Strapless tops can be said to be a must-have all-purpose top for every woman in hot weather. Strapless tops and choker are also the most common collocations. Wearing a strapless upper can not only expose the curve of the collarbone completely, but also cover the excess meat on the arm, making you look slimmer. Wearing a choker can visually move your body’s center of gravity upward, and chokers of different thicknesses can also bring different feelings.

    When you need to go on a date, put on an off-the-shoulder top or dress, and match it with a uniquely designed choker. This look will make you look very temperamental, and your beauty will definitely attract your dating man, And then he will fall in love with you at first sight.

  7. Choker with Round Neck Top

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    If it is a round neck top and choker when matching, you need to spend a little time thinking, because the round neck top will cover a part of your neck area, if you add a large area of choker, it will let your neck look It’s shorter. So be sure not to wear a round neck top with a choker casually. When choosing a choker, try to choose a finer style to make your appearance look more coordinated.

    If you feel that wearing a round-necked top is not refined enough, you can add a layered look with a suit jacket to make your look more fashionable. Women who like high-end styles can try this combination.

  8. Choker with Gorgeous Dress

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    No matter how casual your usual look is, you will surely look very gorgeous and elegant when you put on a dress at a banquet. However, no matter how bright the dress is, the choker is indispensable. There is no choker to decorate the dress. It seems very ordinary. Wearing a dress can give you the charm of a queen, and wearing a choker will add a finishing touch to the dress and make you look more gorgeous.

    If you want to stand out from the crowd when attending a banquet, in addition to choosing a dress that suits you, you also need a very beautifully designed choker to show your personality. If you match it well, you will become the brightest star at the banquet.

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In fact, no matter what material and style of choker, as long as you find a match that suits you, you will be able to shine and stand out among the crowd! After reading the above content, have you mastered the matching method of chokers and found your favorite style? If you think it is helpful to you or there are other matching methods, you are welcome to comment and share below. In addition, our OOK JEWELRY online store has carefully selected many wholesale chokers with the cheapest price and the most superb quality for you, so you can choose with confidence. Hope you can find a style you like!

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