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The Perfect Ways to Care for Your Car Wrap!

So, you recently installed a car wrap on your vehicle? Whether it is for advertising purposes or to display your preferences and choices or simply because your car required a revamp, the wraps that you install on your vehicle arenÔÇÖt meant to be put on and forgotten. Just like your clothes get dirty when you wear them and require regular cleaning and washing, the wrap on your car requires regular maintenance as well. However, you have to be particularly careful about them because the graphics can be affected by the wrong methods of cleaning and caring.

Best ways to clean and care for your car wraps!

Before we move onto the steps of cleaning and caring for your car wrap, remember to get these installed by a very professional and efficient company. Because the material of the wrap used on your car and the graphics designed along with the installation process all cumulatively impact the life of the car wrap a lot. So, if you are going for car wrapping, consider Alpine Signs for the job. They’ve got a whopping 23 years of experience in designing and installing some of the most fabulous car wraps on the best of vehicles. With them, you can rest assured that when the job is done, your wrap would be perfect and long-lasting. Just ensure that it stays clean and perfect as well, by reading the following tips:

Clean the car wrap as and when required

We can’t suggest a specific day, date, or occasion to clean your car wrap. As soon as you think that it is dirty, you are required to wash it. And normally if the car is unused and covered, it requires a nice cleaning once in a month. But if you are regularly using it, then wash the wrapped car at least once a week.

Clean the spills immediately

There can be some kinds of spills like that of oil, petrol or even acidic substance which if falls on the printed graphics of the car wraps can erase the designs. So, you have to be very careful when such things spill on your wrapped car. Normally, you should clean them instantly. But if it stays for long, then the damage is almost done, see if you can save it from the same through some tactics or hacks or by taking your car to the car wrappers.

DonÔÇÖt scrub with hard equipment or harsh chemicals

So, you are going to clean the wrapped car. You have to be very lenient while doing so. DonÔÇÖt ever use sharp equipment or brushes to scrub the wrapping no matter if the substance or dirt on it is as thick as grease. YouÔÇÖll get scratches on the car and even the graphics would disappear. The harsh chemicals that you use on the wraps have the same effect as well. Read the labels properly before selecting your cleaning agent. ItÔÇÖs better that you let such tough dirt be treated by the mechanics and let them clean your wrapped car perfectly without damaging the prints.

Never let the detergent stay for long

Another very important thing to remember when cleaning a wrapped car is to never leave the detergent to stay on it for long. This will eventually spoil your prints and even the material of the wrap. Clean it immediately without fail.

If you want your investments in car wrapping to last long, ensure you are jotting down all these points and caring for them accordingly. 

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