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The Short Guide to Roller Shades for Your Windows

Roller shades are extensively used, especially in the commercial spaces. The best roller shades for windows in Malibu offer a clean appearance and versatility. They are sturdy and come in various colors, designs, and fabrics. But did you know the interesting history behind the roller shades?

History of roller shades

Basically, the use of roller shades began in the early 1700s and was designed in Glasgow, Scotland, using the Holland linen. Back then, the roller shades didn’t include the spring mechanism that we are familiar with roller shades available today. When the shades were closed, the fabric laid in folds on the window ledge.

In order to open the blind, you had to pull the cord attached to the top rod. In case you wanted to stay open the shades, you had to wrap the cord around a cleat, which is widely used today in shutters and shades. Roller shades have been updated to a great extent so far. Today, the roller shades you see are completely different from the earlier ones.

In the USA, the roller shades were started to use in 1780, where they were designed with decorative translucent paper or cloth. Later in the 19th century, companies introduce shades painted with romantic and imaginative landscapes. A few years later, stenciled borders were introduced and applied by stenciling and tracing, making a cleaner and sharper appearance that we usually see nowadays.


Roller shades are easy to use and space-efficient.

Roller shades you see nowadays are automatic, which are easy to use, like switch on your tv set using a remote control. In short, you can operate your roller shades without leaving the comfort of your couch. In offices, the professionals don’t need to leave their desks to open the roller shades. You can quickly open, half-open, and close your roller shades using a remote control device.

Roller shades are also considered a space-efficient way to cover the large windows. If there are plenty of windows in your large room, they act as an excellent substitute for curtains using less space.

Final words

One of the best things about roller shades is they are easy to install. You only need some screws and brackets. Tools you will require to install the roller shades include a screwdriver, measuring tape, pencil, and a drilling machine that are easily available in most of the homes. However, if you don’t want to install the roller shades for large windows in Malibu yourself, get in touch with any professional window treatment service provider and get the installation done.




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