The Technology Used in Run Flat Tyres

The automobile and tyre industry has undergone tremendous changes in the past few decades. From GPS to Air Pressure Monitoring system, they have come a long way. The biggest concern of the manufacturers is the safety of drivers and passengers. Tyres play a key role in ensuring your safety. This is why a lot of emphasis is given to developing tyre technologies.

Run-flat Continental Tyres Airdrie was designed to save you from puncture outbreaks and their impacts. The technology of run-flats is not something new. It has been there for years but has now taken a spike. This is because more and more people are becoming safety conscious.

The History of Run-Flat Tyres

The idea of tyres was put forward in 1892 but it required a lot of work. Then it was re-developed in 1978. It was in the 90s when run-flat technology was first employed in two-seater sports cars. The results were impressive and this marked the advent of Run Flat Tyres Airdrie.

The Technology

The vehicle loses control when the tyre is punctured. This affects your driving comfort and you either have to fix the puncture yourself or wait for the help to arrive. If both can’t happen, you are forced to drive with a flat tyre, which is highly dangerous.

On the contrary, Run-flat tyres are equipped with a technology that helps in retaining the air pressure after a cut or puncture. These tyres have multiple rubber layers that are bound together using strong adhesives. This prevents the air from escaping the tyre surface altogether.

As the air is retained, no compromise in terms of driving comfort is experienced. The driver barely notices a drop in the air pressure of punctured Run-flat tyres. This is why they are generally used in vehicles with a Tyre pressure monitoring system. This notifies the driver about the dropping air pressure.

The Benefits 

Self-Sealing Abilities: Run Flat tyres have an extra sealing layer that comes into work when a small hole or cut occurs on the tyre surface. The seal retains the air pressure and buys you some time to reach a safer place. Always remember that run-flats slow the deflation process and do not completely eliminate it. This is why you should reach the closest service centre As soon as possible.

Safety: The major reason behind the introduction of Run flats is your safety. These tyres keep you safe by avoiding puncture shocks and loss of control. This helps in minimising the chances of road accidents. The vehicle moves smoothly even after a puncture. These motocross tyres melbourne allow you to travel around 60 miles.

Also, punctures can occur anywhere. You can’t avoid them. However, you can prepare yourself for the worse. Run-flat tyres allow you to reach a safer place, which means you don’t have to wait on the road. You can continue with your ride and get help.

Convenient: Run-flat tyres offer a convenient service. They let you drive for almost 50 to 100 miles at lower speeds. This offers a lot of convenience and comfort. This also ensures stability while handling.

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