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Health & Fitness

The Wrinkles Provoking Habits You Need To Break Away In 2021!

Follow an anti-ageing skincare routine, you could be guilty of committing certain mistakes (albeit unknowingly) that could be damaging your skin

One day you look in the mirror and see the first appearance of wrinkles on your face. They are formulated on the forehead and develop around the corners of the eyes and lips. But before rushing to the beautician for Botox or laser clinic in Canberra, find out why wrinkles have appeared right now and what to do to prolong the youth and beauty of the skin?

Smooth and well-groomed skin without flaws is the basis for a woman of beauty. However, all women sooner or later notice age-related changes and the first wrinkles. The reasons for such troubles are active facial expressions and heredity along with the natural ageing process.

Each of us in the course of life forms a kind of emotional story that is directly related to our facial habits. How we show various emotions, which facial muscles we use at the same time – all these are factors in the formation of the first dynamic, and then static wrinkles.

While the skin is young and lasting, it easily returns to its original position after you squint your eyes or wrinkles your nose. But with age, as well as under the influence of various factors like dryness, thinning of the skin, and others, persistent creases become deeper and more noticeable over time.

Wrinkles are considered a natural part of ageing that can’t be completely stopped but can be slowed down if you take good care of yourself. How can you prevent the appearance of treacherous wrinkles? 

What Habits You Should Drop For Flawless Skin?

  • Practice Smoke

It won’t be difficult for an experienced dermatologist to recognize a smoker with such a characteristic skin colour or pronounced nasolabial folds. But those who unwittingly become passive smokers are also at risk of premature skin ageing.

Smoking and secondhand smoke destroy collagen in the layers of the skin, which is fraught with a decrease in the elasticity of the skin and the appearance of ptosis. To avoid wrinkles, it’s worth saying “no” to the bad habit and participation in secondhand smoke.

  • Exfoliate Frequently

The use of scrubs and peels in-home beauty rituals improves the condition of the skin, making it glow and getting rid of dead cells. But if you part with these procedures, the result will be damage to the protective barrier of the skin.

Any damage and inflammation cause the skin to age faster, leading to a loss of moisture in its cells, and a decrease in tone and the formation of wrinkles.

  • Popping Pimples

Avoiding acne treatment is a direct path to premature skin ageing. Squeezing acne causes damage in the deep layers of the skin, which contributes to the appearance of irritation and the formation of scars and wrinkles. To avoid unpleasant phenomena, it’s worth contacting a professional to find out the causes of acne and appropriate treatment.

  • Wearing Makeup in Wrong Way

Today everyone knows that low-quality cosmetics harm the skin. But even justifiably expensive means can be harmful if used thoughtlessly. It’s strictly forbidden to stretch the skin while applying cosmetics. You can’t apply lipstick with your mouth wide open or stretch the corners of the eyes to apply eyeliner evenly. All manipulations should be done with the natural expression of the face. And It’s also worthwhile to relate to the skin when doing make-up removal.

  • Applying a Lot of Beauty Products

Some women believe that the more funds are collected on the shelf in the bathroom or located in the cosmetic bag, the more chances for the skin to remain young and beautiful for a long time. But this is a delusion. Using more products than required can lead to clogged pores and an uneven complexion. Moreover, inappropriate use of cosmetics is fraught with redness and irritation of the skin, which makes wrinkles even more visible. Simple home care can help the skin to heal by slowing down the formation of new wrinkles.

  • Ignore SPF Creams

This problem is especially relevant in summer. Everyone really loves the sun and spends the maximum time in the beach area. But your skin can’t tolerate the heat. The fact that active sun rays cause premature ageing. That’s why everyone should make use of cream with SPF protection. 

  • Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause a host of problems that you don’t even know about. And one of them is premature ageing. The fact is that when you don’t have enough sleep, the body simply doesn’t have time to recover. This also applies to skin cells. If you want to look stunning, forget about midnight vigils.

  • Digital Ageing

Some studies prove that the interaction of HEV radiation with the skin is as serious as the effect of ultraviolet radiation. Blue light causes the massive formation of free radicals that accelerate ageing. HEV radiation penetrates the skin even deeper than ultraviolet light. Ideally, you want to restrict the use of your phone or turn on the Blue Filter feature on your phone. If your smartphone doesn’t have this option, you can install a special application on it that can regulate it.

Wrapping Up!

Application of wrong products and adopting wrong habits for taking care of skin could end up with wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and other skin related problems. However, unlisting the above-discussed habits won’t only lessen the appearance of wrinkles but also provide an even skin tone. 

In some cases, you might consider taking the assistance of professional dermatologists or run to a Botox clinic. There are several dermatologists who are well-reputable in such services. For instance, the services of Botox in Canberra gain popularity due to appropriate and reliable results. That’s why it’s necessary to contemplate every single aspect for hiring the right dermatologist.

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