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These Traits Are Tops in 12 AWG Solar PV Multi Conductor Tray Cable

Before we can give you some insight into the traits that make your 12 AWG solar PV multi conductor tray cable more valuable (or at least, your chosen model) we might as well shed a little more light on what that actually is, especially since some of the elements in that term are surprisingly redundant.

Typing in all of those words is also like a “shooting from the hip” methodology to ensure that you come across a type of cable resembling what you need, because, as mentioned, some of them are not necessary.

Broadly speaking, 12 AWG solar PV multi conductor tray cable is cable that’s acceptable for use as part of solar arrays, with multiple conductors that is also rated for use as tray cable. It isn’t entirely necessary to specify “multi conductor,” as cables, categorically, have more than one conductor. In addition, it’s worth noting that PV, which means photovoltaic, is somewhat redundant next to solar. At any rate, here are some of the traits to look for:

Weather proofing – Weather proofing is one of the most important traits you can secure in photovoltaic cable if only for the fact that it will be outside in the elements for basically all of its useful life. This means that PV cable needs to be suitable for use in wet or dry locations, but it also needs to be resistant to moisture, excessively arid conditions, rapid changes in temperature, and much more. Basically, if it falls under the category of “exposure to weather” it’s valuable in PV cable.

Resistance to UV light – This is so important that it deserves its own designation. Admittedly, ultraviolet light is theoretically a component of weather, but it is crucially important here. Just think about the basic premise behind PV cable and you shouldn’t need too much explanation. It needs to resist the same sunlight that will be providing power to the solar system.

Operability over a wide range of temperatures – Another thing to keep in mind is that temperature and quick temperature shifts can’t do damage to the insulation of the wire or it’s ability to carry power. If the temperature compromises the insulation that will open up the door for plenty of other problems.

Oil and gasoline resistance – Another thing to be aware of is that while some electrical insulators are not resistant to oil and gasoline, it’s beneficial for them to be just in the event of accidents. It’s like a measure of dotting i’s and crossing t’s that doesn’t hurt, especially since all obstacles can’t always be foreseen.

Now what you need is a location where you can find such 12 AWG solar PV multi conductor tray cable that satisfies the above requirements. Luckily, where finding out the traits that engendered quality was the hard part, finding wire and cable that meet them is the easy part.

Visit EWCS Wire at and you’ll come across a wide selection of wire and cable that meet the above criteria for use as PV cable, along with a slew of cables and wires that are specialized to other uses. All their wire & cable inventory is proudly made in the United States, and their team is never more than a call or a message away if you need additional help. Call them at 800-262-1598 if you need assistance, or send them a message at

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