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Things you should know before buying a laptop

Buying a laptop is not difficult. But buying the right laptop is hard to decide unless you have proper knowledge regarding laptops. Or at the time of buying a laptop, you should take someone with you, who know better regarding laptops. So, you get the right laptop for the right jobs. If you want to buy a laptop for casual activities. So, any sort of average laptop is suitable. But if you want to buy a laptop for a specific purpose, for gaming or for professional works, like 3D modeling, or rendering. So, you need quite powerful laptops.

Anyways, making it easy for you. below we have listed some of the most important specifications, that you need to ponder while buying a laptop. So, that after buying it, you shouldn’t face any sort of problem.

So, without wasting time let’s get straight into it!

Things, you need to know, before buying a laptop:

processor: (CPU)

The processor of the CPU is the basic element of any computer. If you want to decide the speed and proficiency of the laptop. So, you should observe the processor used on the laptop. Currently, the most advanced processor in the market is the intel core i11 11th Gen processor. However depending upon your needs, you can buy a laptop with a heavy CPU or typical ones. If you are buying a laptop for casual activities, so any laptop having intel core i3 with 3th Gen is enough.

However, if you are buying a laptop for graphic-intensive works, like 3d modeling, designing, or gaming. So a recommended laptop for that is a core i7 7th Gen processor. Laptops with this processor can easily handle high-end programs and software.

Graphics Card:

things to consider before buying laptop

The second most important component of a computer or laptop is GPU. GPU is the basic element to run graphics-intensive programs as smooth as butter. Usual programs and activities can work properly with an average graphics card. And again, if you are considering a laptop for high-end games, or graphics-intensive software. So, the GPU like ZOTAC NVIDIA GTX 1650. This is one of the best graphics cards for the Minecraft game.

However, for software like Maya 3D, 3DS Max, etc, you can also choose better graphics cards.

RAM: Random access memory

RAM is also one of the important elements of the laptop.  The RAM is important for multitasking on laptops. And usually, it doesn’t affect the overall speed or efficiency of the laptop. A usual laptop with 4GB is enough for daily works. However, most of the high-end games recommend RAM with 16GB. And then it is so crucial for the laptop. However, being about this range can be beneficial for future needs.


Storage is after GPU, storage is the important component of any laptop, that is responsible for the efficient processing of files. If you have good storage options. So, it can easily process the files. And can start it on time. However, a lazy storage drive can result in the lethargic processing of programs.

There are basically two types of storage drives. One is the traditional one. Called as HDD (hard drive disk). And the advanced option now is SSDs (solid-state drive). SSDs are much more efficient the HDDs. And therefore, usually powerful laptops contain SSD instead of HDD.


Except for these features, laptops come with countless other specifications. However, those don’t directly affect the performance of laptops. Those only add a plus point to the laptop. And adds some beauty to it. And those specifications that affect the speed of the laptop, have been mentioned above.


Before buying a laptop, it is important to consider some features, and according to the purpose of the laptop, one should take the final decision. Moreover, there is no difference between new and refurbished laptops. Both with same specifications, also work at the same stage. However refurbished laptops are a bit cheaper than new ones.

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