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Top 3 Materials for Solar Light Poles

It was two years ago that Isabella Contantina was elected to the town council in Muskegee, Florida.

Isabella was the first woman to serve on the committee in the history of the town. Because she was the first, she felt a lot of pressure. It wasn’t enough to simply do a good job. She had to do a great job in order to prove that those who had elected her had done the right thing.

She felt the pressure when she showed up for her first day on the job. Some of the other members were ready to laugh at her.

“Hey Isabella,” one of them, Mickey Rochester, called as she walked in the door. “Can you get me a coffee, sweetheart? I bet you make a mean cup of coffee.”

Isabella was steaming. She had been elected fair and square. She was just as good as the men on the committee. She knew that she would be able to prove it, given the chance.

It wasn’t long before the opportunity arose. The first project on the table was a proposal to install new lights in the civic center parking lot.

“I’ll take the lead,” Isabella said as soon as the speaker read out the item. She shifted in her seat as she heard the men around her laugh. “No, really,” she said. “I can do it.”

“If she wants to do the work, let her do it,” said Mickey. “When you comes back crying that it’s too hard, we’ll be happy to take over, sweetheart.”

Isabella was determined not to let that happen. When she left that night she got right to work researching the best options for her town. She was determined to make her constituents proud.

She knew right away that she wanted to go with solar lights. That decision was a no-brainer. They were cheap to install because they didn’t need to be tapped into the electrical grid. They were also the green option because they were powered solely by the energy of the sun. It was easy to decide to bring Muskegee into the twenty-first century.

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But once that decision was made, it stopped being so easy. There were several different options when it came to the light poles, and all of them seemed to be good options. But she could only pick one. So she dove in and did her research.

Luckily, you won’t have to work as hard as Isabella to find out this information. Instead, you can simply look below at our collection of the top three materials for solar light poles.

  1. Fiber Composite

The first item on our list is actually a blend of several different materials. They are made by combining different components of rice as well as plastic. Click the link for more information about the chemical makeup of this material.

These materials are both cheap and easy to obtain. That is because the plastic is easily recyclable from other sources.  That means that not only is this building material cheap, but it is environmentally friendly, too.

One of the elements that drew Isabella to this material was the strength. Light poles made from this substance can easily withstand winds up to one hundred and seventy-five miles per hour. As a representative of a small Florida town, Isabella knew that it was highly likely that whatever choice she made would have to withstand hurricane-force winds.

These poles would also be non-conductive. In the event of a thunderstorm, the pole wouldn’t catch or hold a charge from the storm. This was another big element in favor of the material; during the rainy season, Florida typically sees one thunderstorm every day.

They are also lightweight, which makes them very easy to install. All things considered, this was a very attractive option to Isabella and may be for you, as well.


Next on our list is concrete.

Concrete is extremely durable. In fact, if installed correctly, a single concrete pole can last for fifty years or more. This means that it can be very cost effective in the long run, ensuring that any poles installed are made to last.

Concrete is not susceptible to rust or corrosion, two problems that are abundant in the highly humid environment of Florida.

Concrete is a common material that has proven itself time and time again. You can see it in action in our roads, as the basis for large structures like stadiums, and even forming the walls in our public schools. As such, it presents a very attractive and safe option.


This brings us to our number three choice. Aluminum is actually one of the most common elements on our planet. This means that not only is it strong and durable, but it is also cheap and easy to source.

Like our other options, aluminum is long-lasting. It can have a lifespan of over fifty years in the right conditions. It also is made to withstand wet conditions as well as extreme winds.

Although very easy to secure, this material is lightweight. This provides extra peace-of-mind in areas prone to extreme weather. Even if one should happen to fall, the resulting damage wouldn’t be as extreme as if the pole was made of concrete.


After all of her research, Isabella ultimately decided to go with aluminum poles for the civic center. They were cost effective, attractive, and secure. Click here: for more information about these different materials.

Ultimately, Isabella was happy with her decision. Everyone agreed that she had done a great job. The new lights cut down on incidents of crime in the parking lot and increased attendance at their local events.

All of the men on the council, including Mickey, were willing to admit they had been wrong.  Isabella retained her seat on the council through the next election.

No matter what the needs of your current lighting project, you can be sure there is the right material to meet all of your needs.

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