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Why are Hairdressing Scissors So Expensive?

Hairdressers are professionals and they have professional equipment. There are several items included in a barber’s toolset. For instance, they have the scissors, combs, hair capes, hair clippers, trimmers and shavers etc. Among all these tools and accessories, scissors are the most important ones. A scissors is a tool that will cut hairs and serve the required haircut. This important tool is often the most expensive. Yes, if you explore the market for buying barber accessories, you will figure out that hairdresser scissors are pretty expensive. Why are these scissors that expensive? This is a question we often ask each other. If you are looking to buy hairdressing scissors, you will definitely be eager to know why these scissors are so expensive. Relax! We are here to tell you8 exactly why hairdresser scissors are so expensive. Let’s explore the reasons!

Hairdressing Scissors are Not Regular Scissors

First of all, keep in mind that hairdresser scissors are not normal or regular scissors. These are professional scissors made for professional barbers and hairdressers. You can expect that products used by professionals are often more expensive. Regular items are not for professional use and hence they are usually not that expensive.

The Quality They Possess

One thing that makes these scissors expensive is the quality of these scissors. These are the high quality scissors when compared to other ones. Regular scissors used for cutting purposes are not that sharp and don’t have quality blades like possessed by some professional and high quality barber and hairdresser scissors.

The Durability & Strength

Another reason for these scissors to be more expensive is because they promise durability and strength. When compared to other scissors, they last longer and stay in their original condition for a long time. Professionals use these scissors very often with no break and still the condition is pretty good.

The Materials Used in their Manufacturing

Professional hairdresser scissors undergo high quality construction. There are some durable materials that are used in their manufacturing. Mostly the blades are made of stainless steel which is the most durable material and promises strength you need in your scissor. This makes the scissor effective and it lasts longer.

The Cost of the Scissors

When scissors are manufactured, there is a cost for each. The price depends on the cost of the scissr that came in its construction. You may add some other charges like delivery or shipping charges to make the final price. Since there is more cost on the production of these scissors, the prices are usually higher.

A Few Brands Charge More

This is not necessary because hairdresser scissors have to be that expensive. There are a few brands that unnecessarily charge more. You can identify the right price for a scissor by comparing its price on other brands. This will let you know the actual price!

Where to Find & Buy Quality Hairdressing Scissors at Cheap Rates?

If you are eager to find cheap hairdressing scissors, you must explore K5 International. K5 International is a renowned and trusted brand in Australia providing all sorts of barber scissors. They have the best quality scissors made of quality stainless steel. Also, they stock a great variety of scissors including regular ones and thinning scissors, and all shears. Similarly, they offer other barber accessories such as clippers and trimmers etc. Anyway, you can buy some quality scissors at the cheapest prices. Their quality is the best while the prices are the lowest. You can buy scissors online and get a free delivery service in Australia! Explore K5 International now and find your desired scissors!

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