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Top 6 Efficient Ways to Get RID of Blood Stains

6 Efficient Ways to Get RID of Blood Stains

Hard to wash, and dirty looking so are bloodstains. they appear very unhygienic, they will appear from a cut, or once you fell and got scratches. Dry clean is not an option anymore. this stain not only looks bad, but it’s also a reminder of the time you bought hurt and is unhygienic to stay on your clothes. Thus, it becomes important to wash those blood stains as soon as possible. and therefore, the trick, like the other stain, is to act as quickly as possible. Also, remember that when the blood dries, the stain will set, and it becomes harder to wash.

However, it doesn’t matter if the stain is fresh or dry; it can still be cleaned, so you are doing not got to worry about that.

Here are some easy ways for you to know, how to remove blood stains easily.


Before using any cleaning method, you would like to pre-treat the stain. this is often especially important if the blood has already dried or is beginning to dry on your garment. First, tackle the solid deposits. you’ll take a tough brush or maybe a blunt knife to wash or scrape off these solid deposits. If you’re employing a blunt knife, albeit the blade is blunt, take care to not hurt yourself. Once you remove the solid deposits, wash the garment under cold

water. this may help remove any loose deposits stuck to your clothing.


squeeze a lemon
squeeze a lemon

Lemon juice works well to wash blood stains on your garments. These easy kitchen ingredients are often very effective. However, do be a touch careful while using juice to get rid of bloodstains, especially from dark-colored garments as this will cause the color to fade. So, we propose you test it on a little inconspicuous area to make sure it doesn’t affect your clothes. Cut a lemon in half and rub it straightened.

Take subsequent half the lemon and squeeze it into a bowl. Next, add 2 tbsp. of salt within the bowl alongside 1⁄2 a cup of

cold water. Soak your garment during this solution. Alternatively, you’ll pour the answer over the stained area and leave it for a minimum of a quarter-hour. Now wash your garments as you normally do, and you’ll notice the bloodstain has gone. Use an honest quality detergent to scrub your garments.


Baking soda is additionally known to figure well when it involves removing blood stains from your clothes. Take a bucket. Add 1⁄2 a cup of bicarbonate of soda and a couple of tsp. of dishwasher detergent in it. Fill half the bucket with cold water and soak your cloth in it.

Finally, wash your garment as you normally would. Once your garment comes

out of your washer, you’ll notice that it’s nearly as good as new.


Another option to assist you to remove those unwanted blood stains from your clothes is by using detergent. Fill a bowl halfway with water. Next, add enough talcum during this bowl to make a smooth paste. Take this paste and apply it over the blood-stained garment and allow it to stay. Once the paste is dry, scrub it with a garment brush. it’ll lift the bloodstain.


Silk may be a delicate garment and it needs a mild method and additional care while cleaning. Add 1 tsp. of salt in 1 cup of water. Mix it Now dampen a sponge during this solution and dab at the stain. you’ll see the

stain will begin to fade. Repeat the step if necessary. Delicate garments made up of silk, wool, and cotton require extra care, and employing a mild detergent can work wonders.


It is very easy to wash even persistent blood stains on the garments. No got to fear if it’s not removed within the first time, there’s still hope. Bloodstains, a bit like the other stain, could take longer to return off or may need more treatment. you’ll repeat an equivalent process or try the other method from the list given above. because the saying goes, try until you succeed.

These are some very easy and efficient ways for you to find out, how to remove blood stains.

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