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Top Tips to Deal with Invisalign Discomfort and Pain

Invisalign Pain and Discomfort

No doubt that Invisalign is unparalleled option for teeth straightening with no side effects. Yet sometimes, especially for the first few days it causes some nuisances. Moreover, some patients experience soreness, pain and discomfort throughout the treatment period. They have nothing to do except to tolerate it until the teeth get straightened.

Slight pain, discomfort and soreness are obvious as it exerts pressure to move the teeth into their desired and original position. Although its normal but it is never meant that there is nothing to do with the pain.

We share some ways to deal with Invisalign pain from the comfort of your home without visiting your dentist through our blog post. Try these out before you spend any further sleepless nights.

Apply cold compress, pea bag, icepack (anything you have)

Applying anything cold in the skin can lessen the swelling by numbing the spot. You will be able to deal with the pain easily once the swelling is gone. Anything like cold compress, frozen veggies bag or ice pack whatever you can arrange just apply it.

But never apply it directly! Always wrap the cold bag in a cloth piece before applying. Continue this process a few times in a day to obtain some relief!

Drink plenty of cold water

It is much similar to the application of cold compress! Drinking of lots of cold water can numb the painful and sore spot. Water can be drunk while having the aligner and there is no need to take them off!

Just avoid drinking sugary or acidic drinks and beverages as they result in cavities by harbouring harmful bacteria in the mouth. At last, if you are prone to common cold then this can be a big issue for your health! So, be careful!

Suck on the ice cubes

Numb the painful spot by sucking on some ice cubes to get relief from Invisalign pain. Although it’s mild but initially it will be unbearable and unfamiliar to most of the patients. There is no necessity to remove the aligner for sucking.

However, stick to sucking on ice cubes rather than to chew them. Chewing will result in unessential pain because of the sensitivity of teeth gets increased with biting on hard objects while having Invisalign.   

Abstain from the consumption of hard foods

When there is soreness in your mouth, consumption of hard foods such as crackers, candies and nuts must be avoided due to the pain cause from them. At that time, you should only focus on eating soft foods which are easy to bite and chew like hard-boiled eggs, tuna, hummus and bread.

Prefer using OTC painkillers

Any OTC (over-the-counter) painkillers like acetaminophen, aspirin and ibuprofen can be used for helping out with the pain caused by Invisalign. Just follow the usage directions and take recommended dose only. In case you experience the pain every time you switch to new aligner then it is better to take OTC pain relievers to get rid of such annoying pain and its occurrences.

Use Orajel

If you experience any sort of soreness and pain then use Orajel. It is a topical pain reliever which numbs the spot temporarily. Remove the aligner and apply it at the painful spot for better effectiveness.

Ensure proper placement of the Invisalign

During insertion of aligner, make sure that you have snapped and pushed it fully in the desired place. In case it doesn’t fit properly you can experience unnecessary pressure and discomfort. Improper aligner placement can result in pain due to pulling of the teeth towards wrong position.

Never pop the aligner out frequently

Remember to wear the aligner for long 22 hours every day. It can be only removed at the time of brushing, flossing, drinking and eating. Even a few patients have stated that less pain is experienced by wearing the aligner longer without removal.

Sometimes despite of leaving the aligner out of the mouth accidentally for long you can find it fits properly in your mouth after popping in. It happens just because the aligner adjusts the teeth position on time.

New aligner should be put before bedtime

When the time arrives to change the aligner; the best time to do it during your bedtime. By this way, your teeth will get enough time to be accommodated with the new aligner and its position. Also the mild associated pain will be alleviated due to the no popping out and in of the aligner in sleeping time.

Maintain the schedule

Each Invisalign aligner tray is custom-made and is meant to be changed after a fixed interval. The treatment plan is yearned in this way deliberate to minimise the pain while undergoing teeth straightening treatment. So never rush with the aligner and progress to next one before time.

Use saltwater for rinsing the mouth

Initially Invisalign results is mouth sores as it will rub against the tongue and gums. At that time, you must use saltwater for swishing the mouth and spit it out.

Keep your patience

From the very first day, patients are more likely to experience pain while opted for Invisalign treatment. With passing days, all these associated symptoms will subside naturally. Basically your oral health needs some time to be familiar with the new norm.

However, if the pain persists after some days then it is a matter of concern. There is nothing to worry about and you can try out some proven home remedies to treat the pain. Patience has to be kept to help out with the pain.

Soon, all the symptoms will be normal and you will enjoy having Invisalign and experiencing and witnessing the gradual progress in your dental structure!

Lastly, you must know that in contrast to other conventional orthodontic options, Invisalign is less painful and quite comfortable. Initial symptoms are normal due to the insertion of foreign device into the mouth. Schedule your free consultation with one of the best Invisalign providers in London for more info!

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