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Trendy Womens Clothing You Should Add to the Closet

“I don’t have anything to wear!”, this does sound quite familiar although your wardrobe is packed with all kinds of outfits. It seems to be getting more and more difficult to get ready in the morning. Now it’s time to put a stop to mindless shopping and pull your wardrobe together. Fill the gaps with these trendy wholesale womens clothing that every fashionable lady should have in her closet all year round.

  1. Crop Tops That Flatter Every Figure

    shestar wholesale Short Sleeve Fuzzy Knitted Crop Top

    That’s right, crop tops. They are flattering on absolutely everyone and you can pull them off even without showing a trace of your stomach. Crop tops can attract attention to your waist without actually cinching you in and make your legs look slender and taller, while tops that wrap around your hips usually hide your waist and make your calf look thick. Layer your crop tops over a longer top pair it with a high-waist bottom, like a high-waist denim jeans or a high-waist wide-leg pants, and you need never to feel exposed.

  2. Casual Jogger Pants Womens Clothing

    shestar wholesale womens clothing Color-block Leopard Panel Jogger Pants

    The way they skim over your body and taper at the ankles makes joggers quite stunning no matter what size you are. Wear them slightly lower on your hips, and pair them with something loose-fitting and easy on top to help balance out the whole look. It’s really a casual look, but it’s not sloppy, just like a pair of traditional casual sweats so often are. You can add a pair of high heels for a little extra height, but it’s not a must. As long as the pants are tapered perfectly and end at or just above your ankles, your legs will look so wonderful in or out of heels.

  3. Shift Dresses Womens Clothing

    shestar wholesale womens clothing Stripe Sleeve Pocket Smock Dress

    Shift dresses have a somewhat mixed reputation, but the truth is that they apply to everyone absolutely. The key is to make sure they are large enough to skim over the most areas of your body without too much excess fabric ruining the smooth, neat lines of the overall silhouette. When going for a shift dress, make sure it fits you well and then take it to a tailor to improve if necessary. Even if they have to take up a lot of fabric in the end, it’s a very simple procedure and does not cost too much.

  4. Fantastic Flared Skirts

    shestar wholesale Ruffle Hem Fitted Denim Skirt

    By embracing your body above your hips and then shooting outwards, flared skirts add minimal volume in the area directly below the waist, while it is impossible to accurately know the end of the skirt and where the hips and legs begin. If you are on the shorter side, looking for a skirt that ends right where the thigh muscle really begins to taper in toward your knee. It’s different on everyone but it’s generally about four to six inches above your knee.

  5. Wide-leg Jeans Womens Clothing

    shestar wholesale womens clothing Raw Trim Ripped Wide-leg Jeans

    In fact, wide-leg jeans are more flattering than skinny jeans or leggings, as they don’t cling to your every curve, just outline the overall shape of your legs. A perfect pair of wide-leg jeans should float down to your legs evenly all the way to your calves and only really start to loosen up where your calves taper down to your ankles. Make sure to place it at the bottom so that the narrowest part of the ankle is exposed for the most pleasing appearance.

  6. Gorgeous Little Black Dresses

    shestar wholesale Irregular Hi-low Hem Ruched Dress

    A little black dress is what we need, which will make us look unstoppable, beautiful and ultimately gorgeous with only one item of womens clothing! Let’s find out how the little black dress became our favorite piece of outfits! If you don’t already own one, you should go and select a little black dress for you in a second minute! This is the best investment you will ever make for your closet. This is one of the items that every trendy woman should own!

  7. A Classic White Shirt

    shestar wholesale womens clothing Raglan Sleeve Flower Embroidery White Shirt

    The simplicity of the white shirt makes it a perfect choice when you just do not decide what to wear and you have a wardrobe crisis. You should opt for a simple, loose-fitting white shirt that will make your figure stand out without bulging at the buttons. Incredibly matched with denim jeans or straight-leg trousers and a blazer, this is one fantastic piece that will work well for both work and play.

  8. A Forever Bag for Every Woman

    shestar wholesale Cutout Metal Square Chain Bag

    Whether you are a pumping girl or someone who prefers to put things into a great flat, you should have a pair of a timeless handbag that is well-designed and versatile. From work to cocktails, you should almost be able to carry your bag with you everywhere. If you decide to spend a certain amount of money on a wonderful leather bag, then you definitely want to know if it’s a good “investment”. First of all, it not only needs to meet all the practical needs that bags and even designer handbags must meet above all, but the most important thing is to make your garment more elegant and durable.

  9. Classic Sunglasses Womens Clothing

    shestar wholesale womens clothing Stripe Metal Frame Anti-blue Glasses

    Probably, you have a number of sunglasses you have collected over the years and yet choose the same, simple pair every time you go out. Think about donating all of them and keep only one or two classic styles such as an aviator or vintage square pair. If you want to experiment with more fashionable items, such as tiny sunglasses that can be worn in all styles, opt for a cheap pair from trendy wholesale clothing distributors so you don’t feel guilty when it inevitably goes out of style.

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