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Six ways you can flaunt your Harley Quinn Costume Jacket

Have you ever wondered how a girl manages to be so flattering and attractive at the same time? Well, I think everything is possible if done in the right way. Suppose you are going to follow some of the steps that I did while having this chunky and chic Harley Quinn costume jacket. You can’t just pick up a jacket and get your way out in public. There is something that helps you gather a lot of strength when it comes to confidence. You would be able to get the right amount of love and attention while having this jacket. I can sort out so many other things that I already have in my wardrobe. Let them help to make this outfit a success. You can surely get some of the right amounts of accessories and clothing apparel to turn this outfit into something attractive and hot at the same time. Let’s get into some of the right shades that I can shoe in order to put together an incredibly chic outfit. 

Pants and Rants altogether

If you are someone like me who wants to keep a balance in your outfit, then this is for you. You understand the logic of one thing being chunky. Then the other should be subtle. Then you are good to go with any of the black denim jeans. It works well with any kind of outfit, but it would compliment the jacket even more. However, the jacket is funkier and has colors in it. You can surely decide which color of pants you want to go for. I prefer to go in black or white. Keeping it monochromatic would help us cover the right amount of subtlety in you. You can always put on this pair of pants for the on-the-go look and still look extra hot and attractive. Black denim is usually the classic combination and helps in giving out the best options for you.

Minimal Shirts

In order to match or pair a shirt with this kind of jacket, go for minimal attire. I have always gone for simple sweatshirts in winter. In summer I prefer some nice and light t-shirts. I also make sure that they are in the shade of white or black so that it complements the whole look. You can have it in order to create a nice space for some of the best people out there. This would help you get the right amount of attention. You can also attain some self-confidence and get yourself free from the barriers of self-consciousness in order to speak up for yourself in front of a crowd. Shirts are usually supposed to give us comfort. It is, however, an essential part of a wardrobe that I can match it with. This would not only help us achieve the right look but also keep it minimal. It is something that we can easily find in our wardrobe, so we would eventually end up saving some more money for that new shadow palette that we wanted to have and is too expensive to have. 

Quinn’s Makeup Skills

While discussing shadows, makeup has to be discussed. Makeup is one of the eminent parts of a girl’s beauty regime. It accelerates the rate of attractiveness in a woman and helps achieve the goal. If you are also someone who wants to showcase the make sup skills that can make you feel confident, then you can go for your own choice’s look. I can give you some of the suggestions. Such as a nude look. This one has some subtle bronze shade along with a nude shade lipstick. You can go for a strong eyeliner game and highlighter. This soft glam look would compliment the beach wave’s hair. You can also go for some bold lips and nice eye makeup going on. Using bright shades on eyes makes them pop up even more. You would end up getting more attention. Then comes something that I am always excited about., Makeup for Halloween. If you are posting this jacket inspired by Harley Quinn as your Halloween costume, you ought to have some bold and every other element of her character incorporated in the makeup look. 

Footwears or the actual mirrors

Footwears are usually the best thing that can happen to an outfit. You can have many things happening at a time in the outfit, but we would still be waiting for some of the best things to happen yet. Footwear is one of them. It is your own choice how dramatic or subtle you want to go. Honestly, for me, it depends on the occasion and my mood. I would either opt for something like plain white sneakers to rock the party. Or I would be going for some nice fancy long boots. These will help to have some of the best comforter levels in whatever you are comfortable with. People often end up noticing footwear even before they notice your outfit. And the kind of jacket that we have chosen would go so well with the entire outfit and the look. 

Flawless Accessories

Jewels and accessories would help us elevate the look. I would recommend having no heavy chokers or necklaces. But we can surely have some nice stud earrings. Y0ou can also make sure to have a subtle neck locket in order to have some jewelry on you. You don’t have to use anything else rather than this. However, a ritzy and absolutely classic belt would help elevate the look. It will turn the look into a completely chic and trendy look. This waist belt would give you a trimmed and sleek look and help you cinch your waist even more. You would be looking absolutely flawless while having such accessories on you. A subtle wristwatch, if going for a formal look, would look classy. But if you want to keep it more chunky and closer to the theme of this jacket, then I would recommend you using some hand bands or a nice bracelet. 

Confidence like none other

Confidence is the main key to being a successful woman. Especially when it comes to these times when things already get tricky and difficult. Nobody can be more powerful than the belief that you have in yourself. This can not only elevate your personality but also changes you as a person. It would make changes in your personality. In order to deal with some of the confidence and self-belief issues, dress better. We often take suggestions from people to groom a woman. The newer she feels around herself. The more she would be able to take action. This Harley Quinn costume jacket has made it almost amazing and gets you to the best lengths of popularity. You would be popular among people about the fact that you have chosen something that makes you look confident. This can surely increase the rate of attention too. The amazing points among whatever is happening in this world nowadays. I think we can surely flaunt this one and make it a success at the end of the day. 

The ride is about to end

Now, when I am done telling the plan. It is time for all of us to have some action that can prove that we all have some kind of potential. And especially if you are inspired by the character of Harley Quinn. You can have the rest of the world surely getting under a shadow of being chic and absolutely stunning. This preppy look would lead you to have some of the best candids for your social media handles. Once I am looking absolutely confident and attractive at the same time. I am all set to drop the bomb on people, and so are you!. You can surely change the way things used to be with just a brush-off of some magic.


When the town is talking about fashion critiques, Emilia david is one name that gives out the best suggestions and reviews on all the fashion activities. She has the ability to transform every look and really dissect it to make sure that it goes in favor of the public interest.

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